Thursday, May 7, 2009

The know-nothing bohemians

I'm thinking more and more about the clothing I've been attracted to lately and my last post. And then I realized how dumb i am. Because i was trying so hard to distance myself from the hippie dippie bohemian fashion that I've always loathed, my brain completely blanked out on what I was so obviously trying to think of. The word I lost was : nautical. yeah, not Americana. So I'll repeat just to be clear. I'm into 1970s nautical. what?!? I never thought I'd think, type, or utter those words. I just want to be comfortable. But also classic so I don't have to worry about looking shluppy.

so I found some style icons. Of course there's the above Ali Mcgraw of Love Story fame. She isn't nautical but she looks so relaxed and classic. I also like a less tomboyish version of Donna from that 70s show, maybe because we're both redheads. Er, at least we used to be both redheads... She looks perfect like this:

I also really like this random chick I found on flicker (thanks random chick). I love wearing dresses in warm months and I would definitely wear this in my real life.

And finally another dress option from another flicker girl. I'm sorry flicker girl #1 and #2 for forgetting your names and being too lazy to look you up. Thank you for not suing me for telling everyone how lovely your clothing is.

I have to find my camera wire doohickey so I can upload pics of my attempts to add my own creative interpretation to this style.

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