Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mixing prints- 3 ways!

I was saving this for tomorrow but I couldn't wait! I really like combining prints so I've been experimenting a little and wanted to show you some looks I've come up with. I don't like silly fashion rules and I see no reason to not wear prints together.

This is the first experiment. Really subtle. I kept to the same aqua color palette which I think really worked. It hardly looks mixed at all. I wore this to a lunch out with Mom.

The button up skirt had aqua and black THIN stripes on a white background. The aqua/gold brocade jacket over top has a more open, wide print. I think staying on the same color (aqua) and mixing large and tiny prints makes this work. I kept the rest of the outfit really simple with grey pants.

Outfit details: aqua brocade jacket (H&M); aqua strip shirt (aerpostle); grey skinny pants (urban outfitters); cream maryjane heels (target).

Experiment no# 2. Stripes and plaid. These prints are in a similair porportion but I toned down the mixed print effect by having the purple of the dress surrounded by a lot of black.

This is a strapless dress overtop a striped tee. I wore this to a friend's house for summer weather Coronas.

Outfit details: purple plaid dress (grass); striped tee (H&M)l black tights (hue); black maryjanes (zappos.com)

Experiment no# 3 loud and wild! an geometric art deco print dress with a polka dot jacket. This was completely over the top but the only one of the three I was complimented on, so go figure.

The blue, white, and yellow(lining) of the jacket were repeated in the dress, along with a few other colors. Again, I used neutrals,( in this case brown tights and boots) to tone down the jarring prints. I think i got away with this one only because the jacket was viewed as a warmth-giver, not an outfit-maker.
Outfit details: art deco dress (BGBG); blue polka dot jacket (charter club); brown tights (hue); tall brown boots.

I think this last one was my favorite only because I loved the dress and the way it fit so much.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Z Spoke--Zac Posen

This is just a little peek at Z Spoke, Zac Posen's line, to be found at Sax Fifth Avenue. These are just my favorites. I love that almost the entire collection is dresses and skirts outfits.

This is the perfect dress for me. I love the sleeve length and the little collar. I love the big pockets and the piping. Bright Happy Spring!

I've been experimenting with mixing prints (that series should be posted on Wednesday, hopefully) and this really appeals to me.

And here is that print again but this time in a full dress. This is definitely more revealing than what I'm comfortable with but I love the way it drapes.

Love this color combination and the sexy librarian collegiate look.

All in all I think I love this collection because it uses a lot of bright spring green which I find beautiful. But I also really like the attention to little details like the collars and piping, the way a piece drapes, or it's neckline. Super cute!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shirt dresses: three ways!

I've long had a thing for shirt dresses. They can be dressed up or casual. They are forgiving on many body types. And I'm really glad to see them make a resurgence. I decided to do a little series on them with two I've had forever and a brand new one!

This is my new one! I love it so very much. It's a chambray style but I still call in denim.

It came with the little belt--it's navy with white dots. I wanted a relaxed sexy feel so I paired it with brown tights and my tall brown boots.

Outfit details: Chambray shirt dress (Tommy Hilfiger); sheer brown tights (can't remember!); tall brown boots (ask later, too lazy to go look....sorry?)

This dress made me feel so cheeky if you can't tell. This dress doesn't really have a good fit so I used a big belt to give me back my waist.

Back view. The dress is white with black polka dots inside squares. I thought it would show up better so I didn't take any closeups.

Outfit details: graphic shirt dress (rue21); wide black belt(swiped form a kensie dress); opaque black tights (hue); black heeled maryjanes (payless).

I went belt-less with this one and probably felt the most self conscious. This dress is an olive green with kind of a black and brown brocade print to it.

too much boobs and ass in this one. I think this is going back in the donate pile! I wore pigtails for a change because my hair was being super uncooperative but then my husband loved it.

Outfit details: brocade shirt dress (rue21); olive opaque tights (hue); brown heeled maryjanes (mudd).

Monday, March 22, 2010

Shades of Blue

I'm not completely immune to hearing about trends and I'd have to be living under a rock to have not heard about Blue being the next big thing, the new black, the whatever for Spring!

And blue being my favorite color and all, I thought I'd try wearing different shades of blue in honor of trendiness. ha ha I wore outfits in navy, light blue, and aqua. Here are my results.

This is almost head to toe navy blue because of the dress and tights. I had to add a little color though even a neutral and went with brown maryjanes.

The monotony was also broken up a little because the dress actually had fine silver threads running through it.

It was a little chilly that day so ultimately I had to throw on a jacket and a little scarf, more brown.

Outfit details: Navy blue dress (DKNY jeans); Navy ribbed tights (the Gap); brown heeled maryjanes (Mudd); brown corduroy jacket (forever21); Brown/purple scarf (no idea!)

I liked the idea of using a neutral to break up the blue so this tan creates a colorblock effect. This is actually a sweater worn over a dress.

In order to get this color tights, I had to layer a sheer turquoise pantyhose over a bluer opaque tight.

Outfit details: Blue fuzzy sweater (thrifted); Tan shift dress (thrifted); turquoise pantyhose/blue opaque tights (hue/dkny); tan kitten heels (totally forget, nothing major).

And this was my favorite of the experiments--Aqua! This is the one I got compliments on all day so I feel like I finally got the right blue for me.

As you can see here, I wore a polka dot button up under a babydoll sundress. It was warm but not enough to bring out the super summer clothes.

Outfit details: aqua ruffle dress (kensie); aqua dot top (thrifted); palest grey tights (hue); silver flats (payless, of course!)

What is your favorite shade of blue to wear?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Neon 80s Part 2!

So I guess I went through a little neon phase last year and I only did one post about it. This was from my archive, posted in November but from earlier, I'm guessing August?

I decided to have another go at it this time using pants as I'm trying to find a pair that fits and experimenting with the styling. dresses are really so much easier.

Well at least my photography skills are a little better. Ha Ha These pants are in fact very uncomfortable. The search continues. I blame my wide hips/thighs. Pants are for scrawny girls!

I tried auto adjusting the color but I think the color actually shows up truer in the unedited photos. Oh well. I ended up wearing the same black shoes and orange tights. I totally forgot what i wore last time. I've worn this blouse before. It's a very citron color, silk, with a pleated bow across the top. Hot pink bow belt continues the theme. Black capris to avoid overwhelming the whole thing and blinding people.

Outfit details: lemon silk blouse (zinc); pink bow belt (H&M); black capri pants (express); hot orange tights (hue); black heeled maryjanes (payless of course!).

I'm shooting to have something else posted on Monday. Enjoy your weekend folks!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inspiration: Eclectic Whimsy

I'd intended to do this post days ago but as you know life gets in the way. And in this case "life" is code for work. But there's no time like the present as they say.

And what I mean by "eclectic whimsy" is really my way of saying I dressed all kooky and took pictures of it. I wish I could blame it on Tim Burton's Alice in wonderland but I haven't even seen the film and I doubt he'd appreciate the comparison!

Scrawny awkward poses make me look kinda thin. It's the body equivalent of all those myspace photos you used to see. I've worn this dress before. It's black with white stars, this time paired with my white ruffle cardigan. Purple tights, bow headband, and spectator heels. Just a little bit of everything. Not sure if that's the eclectic or whimsical part.

If anything about this was homage to Wonderland it would be this pocket watch on a chain I bought in Paris last year. The only thing I was late for was getting to work.

More awkward posing. I swear I wasn't drunk, I just really look like I am. All I had was coffee, honest.

outfit details: star print dress (style and co); white ruffle cardigan (kensie); bright purple tights (hue); cream bow headband (forever21); pocket watch necklace (Paris street vendor); peep toe spectators (steve madden).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Smokey eyes- Green edition

Maybe it was the upcoming St. Patrick's Day. Maybe it was all the buzz with teal eyeliner. I don't know. But somehow I decided to do attempt a smokey eye look using green and teal instead of the typical greys of the modern browns.

It turned out better than expected and certainly better than photographed. Taking pictures of my makeup is seriously hit or miss and unfortunately this was miss. I haven't discovered a consistent way to get makeup shots and its very frustrating. Alas, here it is....

It translates much more daytime than it did in reality. I paired the green/ teal eyes with rosy cheeks and mauve lips. Here is a close up of the eye makeup with my eyes closed.

It looks lighter here. Probably the flash but the pictures were all around too dark with out it. I actually used a dark matte green all over the lid and then used a shimmery teal as eyeliner on the lower lash line and into the crease and outer corner. Then just a little black liner on top and mascara.

Colors used:

eye makeup: MAC Starflash eyeshadow in Strike a Pose with the dark matte green shade in the L'oreal duo Forest. Benefit eyeliner in Onyx. Bare Escentuals mascara.

Cheeks and lips: Benefit cream blush in Shhh with Moon Beam as a highlighter. Clinique lipstick in Bamboo Pink.

I'm already planning my next makeup look. I picked up a couple things from MAC's Liberty of London collection to play with.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Etsy Vintage Furniture Finds

I've done a post or two before about the wonderful vintage furniture and decor that pops up on etsy. That's definitely a website I've logged a lot of hours on just browsing and oohing and aahing! I don't have any affiliation with the sellers featured here. I just really like the pieces and wanted to share them with you.

Last time I focused on mid century modern pieces, because that's what I really love best. But this time I looked for more romantic pieces which is how I'd like to style my bedroom more toward. I didn't search for any particular era, just sort of looked around clicking on the sweet stuff.

Vintage wooden and wire birdcage by Little Brown Bird. Already sold out!

Gorgeous wicker twin headboards by Readornment. Can be put together as shown to make one King sized headboard.

Cute pink and blue floral antique chair. On wheels! Not really the colors for MY bedroom, but surely lovely in yours. By Vintage Chic Furniture.

Vintage marble lamp by High Street Market. Already sold out!

Last by not least a white chair with hot pink upholstery. By The Vintage Laundry

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I've been working a lot lately. Really Really a lot. So I've been really bad about finding time to work on stuff for this blog. I'm exhausted. My back hurts. No, make that my whole body hurts. I'm emotionally stretched very thin right now as well. And I may very well be hung over right now.

And there is no end in site.

I really hope to have a day to work on blog stuff and catch up on household chores soon. Right now it looks like I'll get a day off on March 15th. I do have loads of stuff planned though so please stay tuned.

These are some old pictures. I think just after I cut my hair. And my hair already feels like it needs a trim. So sometime last month. Whenever I had a day off to play around because there was two feet of snow outside.

I'm wearing my comfy wide leg high waist jeans with a black and white striped top. The top has kind of a funnel neck and is layered under a vintage green shell, worn as a sweater vest. Silver flats. During my layering phase...

I need to get ready and go to work now. See you soon!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Redhead Tribute: Laura Prepon

I didn't want to leave you hanging too long while I work on posts that are going to take some time. So I thought today would be the perfect day to launch my long promised tribute to red heads. I've been a red head my whole life (well except for a few unfortunate teenage years when I died in purple or black). It's taken me a really long time to learn to love and accept being, what they call, a "ginger".

I got picked on mercilessly growing up for being different. I guess I don't quite fit in in other ways too but this was immediately noticeable.....from across the room! But now I love having something special about me. As an adult I can see the value of having a "rare" look. I no longer feel it makes me ugly, but instead exotic! Well at least here. Some countries I could probably just blend right in.

Enough about me! I decided to do my first redhead post on Laura Prepon because I mentioned her very early on in this blog when I was obsessed with high waisted 70s jeans. I also have a soft spot for That 70s Show. While not my favorite era of vintage, it's cute and funny. And I when I die heaven will look like the Foreman house!

This is a promo pic for the show so she's in character but still kinda not. She just has such a natural clean look. They often downplayed her beauty on the show but she really shines here.

In character again but in a more tomboy way. still lovely of course!

And here is where we get Laura and not Donna. Absolutely goddess worthy. Stunning!

And here she is sexed up during that lad mag phase before she went blonde (Boooooo!!!!)

Unreal. This is her at her most "made up". This is what I want to roll out of bed looking like.

Who's your favorite redhead? I don't have one! But I'd still like to know yours...