Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wardrobe Round Up

I haven't been posting many of my "daily" outfits because I want to take some of the focus off of myself in this blog. But this blog is in part about style, particularly in clothing so I do feel I should post some of what I wear. These were taken on three separate days in February and are kind of all over the place in terms of style. I'm trying to find patterns in the things I wear but the only thing these have in common is there are no pants!

In order that I wore them.......

This is the most formal of the three. I wore it to the Theater to see a local production of Sam Shepard's Buried Child.

I was going for a kind of posh thrift store lady look. I guess I accomplished it because I got a lot of compliments that day. I'm wearing a vintage pink dress that's really light and airy with pale dove grey tights, an aqua and gold brocade jacket and gold maryjanes.

And just a face shot that sort of shows my makeup. I was still rocking the bright pink lips.

This is my sassy little french girl look. I didn't do anything in particular on that day. Just went to a diner for breakfast and did some vintage shopping later. Spent most of the day on some early Spring cleaning. Still loads more to do on that front.

I'm wearing a plain white t-shirt with a red and whit stripe skirt and black tights. I love the little pockets and the way the skirt flares out. My favorite of the three outfits in this post.

The only picture where my shoes came out. My standby red flats with the little white buckle! This is my bedroom by the way. You don't get to see it much on this blog.

This is the sexiest outfit! I had to work at the vintage shop that day. I intended to go out afterward and see some bands play but I've been so extremely sleep deprived and stressed about some stuff that I just couldn't make it. I don't like to dress sexy anyway.

The shop cat was very curious about what I was doing! I usually wear a lot of bright colors and patterns and with this outfit I was trying to focus more on the shape of things and the structure. So I used a simple palette of red, white, and black. I wore this with a structured tuxedo style jacket, black, with satin lapels. It didn't make it into any pictures.

And a close up of my peep toe spectator heels. Adorable but very uncomfortable.

So anything in common? Nothing really across all three but some common threads seem to be: dresses, maryjane heels, red, and black tights. I guess I can live with that.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shop Girl

I recently had to spend the whole weekend working at the vintage shop. This, in addition to my regular weekday job. I'm not complaining I just want to explain why I took time to play at work. I'm obviously not taking pictures of myself while I have customers in the store!

I love the reflection of everything in the glass case, the light bouncing off all those rhinestones!

I love this dress, vintage and bought where I stand of course. The belt isn't original to it, that one is missing. But this ties into the bit of red on the neckline and the little red buttons on the sleeve cuffs.

And then here's another mismatchy look. I'm sitting in this massive throne. If there's every a strikingly unusual chair in my pictures it's because they are made by a local artist, Greg Karkowski. I'm positive I'm spelling his last name wrong. I'm terrible at that.

I'm wearing a Kensie sundress over a stripe top and purple tights. This picture is kinda old. I'm moving away from the grunge, layered, Holly Hobby look. These pictures were all taken before I chopped my hair off.

See you soon!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Style Inspiration: 70's career wear

A while back I found a vintage green and white suit comprised of a skirt and vest. At first I considered doing a Bonnie and Clyde take on it, in honor of one of my favorite bloggers at Sally Jane Vintage. You probably already know her, but if not go read her blog right now. She has perfect style with pencil skirts and berets, and beautiful sunset hair.

But in the end I decided to go with a more literal translation of the suit.

I always style the button up in a a similar way, librarian chic. The brown pattern on the top lends itself to wearing brown tights and my brown Holly Hobby style chunky maryjanes.

I took these pictures in the little vintage shop again. The owner is working on a website so hopefully soon I can share more of my little life with you.

I know I haven't been posting outfits as much but I think it's just not very fun for me. I don't photograph well and I really want to put more focus on other people in this blog. I still need to get my profiles of redhead together. And I'm also thinking of doing a henna dye to brighten my hair up. What do you think?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Runway Inspired Makeup-Derek Lam

I think I might actually prefer the makeup to the clothes when it comes to runways. It's not that I don't appreciate the beauty of designer pieces, I just think they are better represented in Look books. For some reason runway photos do nothing for me. Unless there's attention grabbing makeup!

Derek Lam's Spring runway makeup was very bird of Paradise: lots of turquoise, purple, and orange. And while it's not really appropriate for everyday, I thought I'd try my hand at two variations of the theme.

This is Derek Lam. I went just slightly more subtle....

This version is the more intense of the two. And here it is again....

And here is the more subtle, softer version...

And again...

Both looks used MAC eyeliner in Obviously Orange, and Haunting and Plum Dressing eye shadows. The more subtle version uses the more universally flattering plum while the more intense version relies more heavily on blue. Pardon my pictures, taken on different days in different light.

The softer version used the peachy Benefit cream blush in Hush, while the more intense version used Origins cheek stain in an orangey coral, Coralberry.

Both looks used Benefit full finish lipstick in Lady's choice with Benefit pearly pink gloss on top. With eyes and cheeks so colorful, I really just HAD to tone down the lips. This look was very noticeable and bright in both versions and I got a lot of odd looks when worn in public.

All in all I think this was a successful home version of the look. Though I don't know anywhere I'd wear it to.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hair inspiration

A couple of weekends ago when we were all under two feet, at least, of snow, I killed some time by watching a really cool movie. It's called Paris, Texas and if you haven't seen it please do. But I warn you: it's a slow burn.

I found this girl so beautiful and intriguing.

I loved her pale skin with bright pink lips. I loved her pink fuzzy (backless!) sweater. And I really love that blonde bob with the slight wave. I was captivated.

And then I remember seeing an article in Lucky about girls faking a bob on the Spring runways which made sense because I feel like I saw some bloggers doing that recently.

And then I remembered how I tried pinning my hair underneath last spring to fake a bob.

It looks pretty short here. This was during my flapper posts. I really loved the makeup. I even had those bright pink lips (ha!).

So then I just gave in and cut my hair off. Six inches.

It's a little longer than the girl in the film. I have a round face and can't have hair stop right at my chin. And I didn't intentionally wear that bright pink lipstick. I guess it's something I keep being drawn to?

So how do you decided when to change your hair? Celebrity trends? Online inspiration? Cabin fever?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Spring wishlist

Well, I looked at what was lacking in my wardrobe, I've glanced through the spring trend forecasts, and I've settled on the pieces I think I'll need most this Spring. Of course, I'll end up buying loads of things not on this list and probably barely anything that is but it's still fun to pretend. The pictures are not exact representations, merely similar things I could find photos of.

The investment piece:

A pleated taffeta skirt. I'm really into rich jewel tones right now and I keep hearing about how cobalt is the new navy so that would be wonderful. Another good choice would be a ruby wine color. I'm calling this an investment piece not because of price but because I view it as something that will come in handy for seasons to come. I want something with a really beautiful luxe European feel to it.

photo: etsy

The fun/ trend pieces:

A belted jersey dress. I'd prefer a flattering wrap style but with shirt dresses being so trendy right now I might have to go with that. I'd like a fun bright color like a Smurf blue with cute details.


White tuxedo jacket. Menswear and boyfriend style blazers are big right now. And as I'm looking for a way to incorporate more white into my wardrobe this seems like the perfect way to do it.


The transitional pieces:

Cropped trousers. In a beautiful versatile grey these could easily be made for cold or warm weather. I'll have fun experimenting with making them more feminine or incorporating more menswear style.


Short sleeve thin knit sweater. A perfect piece to layer with now or wear alone for chilly spring evenings. I think emerald green would be perfection.

photo forever21

The Classic Pieces:

Double breasted coat with fold over collar. I know a coat isn't very Spring but what with the 20+ inches of snow we had last week, I'd say we have plenty more winter to enjoy. I have a few winterish coats but none in grey my favorite color.

photo forever21

Boys white T-shirt. A wardrobe must! Cheap, basic and oh so versatile. I'll wear this every day with everything.

The Accessories:

Ankle band sandals. I saw these last year but wasn't brave enough to get a pair. I'm not really a fan of foot exposing shoes but I'm trying. In a lovely brown.

ethnic fabric bag. Global accessories are huge for Spring and though I have many purses, I have none that are anything like this.


charm necklace. Something sweet and dainty. I may actually start to wear jewelry!

photo: forever 21

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Outfit Delight

Yeah, part whatever in a never ending(I can't stop shopping) series. Buying stuff just encourages buying more stuff because I have these things and nothing to wear them with!

What it is: super cute mod style dress with contrast piping and buttons. This dress pretty much sums up what I'd like to wear forever if I was a cartoon character.

What I'd wear it with: black and white ballet flats to coordinate and then for a splash of color, a bright enamel cuff bracelet.

What it is: a lovely vintage diaphanous pink dress

What I'd wear with it: a short sleeved velvet jacket and velvet and gold T-strap heels. Supremely glamorous in a 40's starlet kind of way.

What it is: a green and white vintage suit comprised of skirt and vest.

What I'd wear with it: a short sleeved ivory blouse and green suede moccasins.

What it is: A vintage nautical dress

What I'd wear with it: a pair of navy sling back wedge sandals and keeping with the theme, a cotton and rope satchel purse.

Stick with me folks. I've got many posts planned but some require research or just additional time in general.

I'm even going to try to pay attention to spring trends. Whether I follow them or not is a different story.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

what not to wear

First in a series as I continue making many many mistakes in dressing myself.

As was pointed out to me recently, I'm not fat. It had been one of those days (weeks) and yes I did need that pointed out to me. So yes while my weight is within the normal healthy range, it doesn't mean that my clothes fit the same way they did when I was 21 (or even 25). And I do what I can to be healthy but genetics do have a say in things and as it stands I'm what they like to call pear shaped.

This means that my hips/thighs are disproportionately larger than my waist/chest. So getting dressed/buying clothes can be a struggle. Just because something is cute, doesn't mean that it is cute on me.

So, if you are bottom heavy like me..

Rule #1: Don't wear shirts that draw attention to your lower half. Shirts are supposed to be the friend of the small on top girl. Layer wisely.

This outfit doesn't work because my shirt ends right where my thighs are largest. It is ruffled and patterned and draws the eye right where I don't want it. Especially since I have a cardigan covering the rest of it. It also doesn't help that I'm wearing skinny pants that emphasize the difference between my thighs and my ankles.

outfit details: grey skinny pants (urban outfitters), ruffle bottom shirt (american rag); tangerine cardigan(H&M), silver flats (payless, of course)

Friday, February 5, 2010

I feel like such a celebrity.

I didn't really have a post planned for today. I'm having some technical difficulties which is why my posting in general has slowed down. But I noticed that my interview with the blog Fashion my Legs went up today and I wanted to make sure I linked to it. This is the first interview I've ever done as a blogger and it was fun and exciting. so please go check it out. You can read it here. And sign up to follow the blog too if you're as crazy about tights as I am.

I'll have real posts as soon as I get everything on my end sorted out. thanks for the patience.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mid Century etsy finds

I did a search of vintage furniture on etsy with "Mid Century" and these are just a few of the super cool things I found. Mid century/Modern/Danish whatevers are my favorite and I often look to etsy for fantasy shopping. If you've seen the posts of my house, then you'll know I do have a small but much loved collection of vintage and retro decor.

I have a really tiny bathroom but I might be able to fit something like this. I think it's supposed to be for magazines and maybe put your drink and an ashtray on top but I'd love it as a towel and toiletry stand. Photo: Good Vintage

This is Florence Knoll Credenza. This would be perfect in so many capacities. Entertainment center, additional clothing storage, buffet table, or my personal fave, home bar. Bottles get tucked neatly inside while the top provides a display area for vintage cocktail shakers and glasses. Photo: Swankarama

Probably best served as dining chairs, I really want to but these in my living room because I love vibrant colors there. This is a beautiful duo; I usually only see these sold singly. Photo: Rhan

Mushroom lamp! This would look lovely atop that credenza. I could put this in any room of my house and feel good about it. Photo:fabulousmess

I love shiny varnished wood and I never thought I would. Getting into 60s pieces made me disdain wood for plastic for years but now I'm learning to appreciate the lovely simplicity of pieces like this. I want to put this chair next to a little side table for visitors to enjoy. Photo:Reclaim the Throne

Please visit these etsy sites and fill your homes with these lovely items. And I would love to hear about your finds!