Monday, May 4, 2009

So who am I going to be this season?

All winter long I kept dressing in an almost exclusive palette of pink and cream and black and grey. sometimes I'd get crazy and through in a little lavendar accessory like nail polish or a ribbon in my hair. I called the look "1920s ballerina on her day off". All ribbons and frills and pastels mixed with maybe a femmed up version of tuxedo wear. Lots of ballet flats. I wore some dresses and skirts but mostly i kept wearing the same pair of grey pants because they fit so well and i outgrew my denim. It was all pretty inappropriate for winter even though it was buried under a cream colored coat. Brrrr.

Well I'm sick of all the ribbons and pearls now. I just moved and have been renovating a house so I haven't been thinking about fashion at all. I have no idea what's in style right now. Well, to be fair, I never really know what's in style. It's usually something that doesn't flatter me anyway. But I have been buying clothes and I'm starting to see a trend developing out of my purchases. First off, I bought a pair of jeans that actually fit. They are the high waisted wide leg trouser style that I used to hate. But they are so comfortable and they make me look thinner. Which is way better than the sausage casing of my old jeans. Something like this:

And I've noticed that I've been making purchases in red, a previously hated color. I'm also finding myself drawn to white and blue. Especially primary colored floral tops with elastic waists and interesting sleeves. Well, you'll see what I mean when I get my camera up and running. Basically, I'm into what I can only describe as non hippie 70s americana. If that can exist. i don't know. It's all come as a shock to me. But surprisingly, so far, it's season appropriate.

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  1. I LOVE highwaisted jeans. They are awesome. Interestingly, I've been into red lately, too, which I've never hated but never really loved, either.

    But what happened was I saw the PERFECT red patent leather purse at Ross. It was a $98 GUESS? purse for $49.99. So I splurged. :P Then I figured if I was going to have an expensive purse (as far as MY closet goes anyway), I better have some stuff to wear with it, so I found a red jacket, some black-and-white blouses, and a zebra belt that has red ribbon laceup detailing. Yeah, and then I needed new red shoes... lol.

    I splurged on a purse so I needed more clothing and shoes? That's a woman's logic.