Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I got my new shoes on!

I'm a girl so of course I have a strange addiction to shoes. I can't stop buying them even though I'm pretty much buying the same styles and colors over and over again. Not to mention, I buy super cheap ones so I can afford everything else in life and they are almost always terribly painful. So I limp a lot. I have actual scars on my feet from so many terrible shoes. But it's not really my fault. My feet are wide and flat so every shoe my whole life has fit horribly. My doctor thought I was making it up that my feet hurt so much and so I just convinced my mom to buy me puffy sneakers at least one size too big. And then went barefoot as much as I could get away with it. Maybe this childhood trauma has made me focus on them so much. I buy them, in twos or fours (I like shoes in even numbers?) and wear them, damaging them the first time out and then throw them in a box or closet grave.

But they are so cute!

These are my favorite of the lot so I'll show them first. That way if you don't like these you can stop reading cause it doesn't get better from here. Unless you're really into flats. Scroll down for those...

These are perfect. Silver. heels. ruffles!!!! I love bows but ruffles are so over the top girly and fun. You got a peek of these in my flapper dress-up post where I wore them with fishnets but here I am with sheer blue pantyhose. I usually wear tights, even in summer, but this was nice and light for hot weather without having to actually bare my legs. Or actually wear actual pantyhose. Eww.

I bought another pair of heels, again silver.

These are pointy toed and very high. I usually don't wear this style of shoe but like i said, I needed to buy an even number of pairs so I ended up with these. I'm wearing them here with black fishnets but I actually ended up wearing these with wide legged trousers and denim so just a tip of silver peeked out for a nice effect. I also ended up wearing them walking home from yoga in my yoga clothes. I changed at work and rushed off to yoga and had no other shoes. Short walk; lots of stares.

Ok, now for the flats, also two pairs. You probably recognize these from my "match the walls" post...

My lovely red shoes with an adorable white buckle. I love patent leather especially in red. Worn here with the orange tights, obviously taken on the same day as my last post. I want to experiment with treating red as a neutral and wear these shoes in pairings I wouldn't normally.

And last but not least...

Cute flats with a little bow, of course. In navy blue with tiny white polka dots! These are cute and perfect for my earlier nautical inspirations. I have plans up my sleeve for these ones...perhaps....I'm working on another dress-up blog, so we'll see how it works out. Worn here with purple tights, if you can't tell. The picture didn't come out too well. Oops, better luck next time.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daily Wear: I match the walls

I know I need to get into the habit of doing Daily Wear posts, but honestly, I spend much of the week not looking very special at all. So I guess I better take advantage of any occasion to wear a fun floral dress. The best part of summer is getting to wear lovely light weight frocks and adorable shoes. I think the general public is also more accepting of strange garb in warmer months. I get fewer stares and more compliments!

So here I am today...

I have my tongue out in a bizarre way because I hate getting my picture taken and get so awkward and nervous even when the photographer is my love. I was also fidgeting quite a bit so I have a ghost arm, one that kind of disappears and blurs. But I'm posting this one anyway because I seem to be fond of putting my worst foot forward and publishing terrible photos of myself online. And it fits my quirky nature, so in the end it was actually the best one.

I wore this to bunches of yard sales near my house, about one neighborhood over. It's where all the Victorian mansions are so I expected to find a million rare and vintage things. It turns out it was mostly junk, as though people realized everyone else was having a yard sale, so they took advantage of the traffic to unload some of their crap. But I did end up with a few things, like a coffee table I don't truly need. I have too many tables and chairs as it is. I also found some Life Magazines from the sixties which was the main excitement for the day. And a hardback book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, my favorite author. It's one I've read before but lost along the way but my husband hasn't read it and I'd like him to. It's always nice to have someone you respect read a book you love. I get a nervousness in my stomach and excited too because I hope they'll like it. I think your favorite books can be very revealing of your heart, like your favorite songs. When you share these things, you are really sharing a part of your secret self.

Oh! The outfit! Oops...Well, it's surprisingly fall-like for such a summer dress. Orange and mustard and brown flowers! I love this dress for the little pockets on the side and these colors are becoming on a redhead no matter what the season. Orange tights, red shoes, and a silly disposition! All in all this is pretty typical of what I wear on warm Sunday afternoons.... See you next week!

Friday, June 26, 2009

How I Became a Flapper in Much Fewer Steps

I've been having so much fun getting into flapper style and daydreaming over old photos on Flickr so I decided to try it out for myself. I wanted to do it in a way that didn't look like I was wearing a Halloween costume and I didn't want to veer into goth territory with too much kohl eyeliner.

So this is kind of a two-on-one post; part makeup, part imitating a style icon. First the makeup! I shot the makeup pics on multiple days to try subtle variations and kinda whittled down the photos to these three. There may be some slight difference, sorry!

I used a deep wine colored cream eyeshadow up a little past the crease and smudged a little along the lower lash line as well. Then I used a black cream eyeliner on the top and bottom lash lines to create a dramatic take on the traditional smokey eye. I also used a plum mascara and filled in my brows.

Here's a close-up...

Bonus tip: Plum eye makeup is universally flattering and intensifies every eye color. My eyes are very brown but my makeup brings out green tones.

I wasn't fully satisfied with this effect because it didn't photograph dark enough to get the look I wanted and I just wasn't thrilled with the eyeliner. so I tried it another way.

These photos don't do it justice, but my changes made a dramatic difference. I did my eye makeup the same as above but then went OVER it all with more the deep wine color. It made the black eyeliner more subtle and "smokier" and just intensified my eyes. I took these pics on different days and I guess various stages of lighting and flash, so I do apologize.

And here's how I styled it...

The eye makeup: Cream shadow/liner in Stiletto (wine color) and Towne Car (black); Bad gal Plum mascara, Just Browzing eyebrow kit...all by Benefit

Cheeks and lips: Thrrrob powder blush by benefit and Revlon colorstay in Lasting Peony (See! I told you I wasn't a makeup snob) I wanted to use pink to keep the look fresh and summery and to provide levity to all the intensity on the eyes.

I wasn't brave enough to bob my hair so i sort of tucked it up and under to create a similar but temporary effect. I donned a lovely pink drop waist dress, loads of white and "black" pearls and assumed a cheeky pose. Viola!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Four New Dresses!

Two new, two vintage.....

The first is a gorgeous metallic red party dress with a bow that ties around the back. It flares out quite a bit on the body so I have no idea when I'll wear it. It's the kind of dress that screams out for a special occasion, of which I have none. It requires a grand Christmas or New Year's Eve event but I'm not much for holidays. At the very least it needs opening night tickets to the fanciest theater/opera/ballet company. Even then, it probably needs to be in December. It's completely unpractical for my life but fits like a dream!

and the bow in the back...

The second is another party dress with the bow in the back but this one is much more casual. It's still a dress-up dress but the material isn't as special and the chevron stripes make it fun in a rockabilly sort of way. I would wear this to a birthday party that featured lots of dancing!

And the bow in the back...

Yeah vintage! This one is a pretty casual day dress but ithas lots of special details. It's a lovely pink and has navy and white stripes down the center. I love dresses with pockets, too. The best part is the wide sailor style collar. i think I may save this for fall because the polyester is heavy but it's hard to resist pink in summer.

And a close up on the back of the collar...

And last but not least, another vintage day dress. I am completely addicted to polka dots! I like this because the jacket is removable so I can have a short sleeve or long sleeve look. I'll probably end up wearing the jacket in many ways.

And a picture without the jacket....

One last picture, I promise, a close up...

I'm still having issues as far as getting good pictures. I haven't yet found a spot in my house where I can take pictures without getting a lot of dark shadows and I need a tripod so usually everything is pretty blurry anyway. This was the best I could do for now. If I come up with a cool way to style any of these dresses I'll make sure to post pics.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summery 70s makeup

I adore makeup and want to include as many makeup posts as possible without becoming annoying. I hate Hate HATE having my picture taken but I'm usually the most readily available "model". My best friend is gorgeous and photogenic but makeup disappears on her ivory skin or becomes grey and who knows why.

I took these pictures last month in my bathroom while getting ready for work so pretend like my hair's not a mess and I'm not in my pajamas. This was the makeup look I was using during the comfy 70s nautical vibe I was whining about and had cute outfits I was too lazy to take pictures of. Just like all the cute outfits since then and including today that I never took pictures of. I'll do better on that account soon. Really, I will.

In case you're curious, I'll tell you what I used as I recall it. I tend to use mostly Benefit Cosmetics (because I used to work for them) and MAC (cause it's such a cheap indulgent impulse buy) but I don't really advocate one brand over another and I use lots of brands, including drug store, including--eegads! Wet n Wild!

On the eyes: I used a shimmery bronze loose eyeshadow by benefit called Big Daddy. I dampen a fluff brush first because it helps to control the powder but also because it intensifies the color and gives it more of a metallic sheen rather than a pale shimmer. The blue is a pigment by MAC called Mutiny from their A Rose Romance collection. I don't know if it was limited addition or not. I use more of a round tip brush for that, dry dipped. The bronze eyeliner was another benefit product: Creaseless cream shadow/liner in Busy Signal. I also used black Dazzlelash MAC mascara and Benefit Just Browzing eyebrow kit.

Lips and cheeks: Coral lip pencil that I filled my lips in with in Mercy topped with a coral lipgloss in Corsage with a Coralista powder blush on cheeks. All products by Benefit. See, I told you I use a lot of their stuff.

I would love to see some other examples of blue eyeshadow not looking clownish or ridiculous. I hope I have accomplished this. I'm working on adapting the dark eyed flapper look in a modern non gothish way. Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to be a flapper in ten easy steps!

I love flapper attitude and style and I think this look should be adopted for more than a lazy Halloween costume. It's free spirited and fun and sexy in a darkly glamorous way. So let's try it for a night out.

1)Bob your hair! This may be hard for some people. I am not willing to cut my hair at this time but I've had bobbed hair in the past on several occasions and always loved it. If you can't bob it, try an Uma Thurman circa Pulp Fiction wig, or, I don't know, try to pull it up in a way that looks rebellious and possibly finger waved. Would that work?

2)Watch some fun 1920s films that helped popularize the look and made stars of actresses like Clara Bow and Louise Brooks. It'll help you channel your inner vixen, inspire your look and had some pepper to your slang. The following flicks are the cat's pajamas! I mean, the bee's knees. Uh, you know what I mean....
A couple of suggestions are It and Diary of a Lost Girl

3)Curl up on a rainy day and read one of my favorite books, by my favorite author: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Scott and his wife Zelda also helped the flapper look and personality reach the masses through their writing and antics. Then read a bio and feel terrible.

4)Well, come on girl, you have to rebel! But do it old school style and drive a car and swear. If that's not enough I guess you could attend a petting party, but, eww.

5)Drink gin. Lots of it. In an illegal speakeasy. But don't forget: Gin makes you sin. Could be helpful for tip no# 4.

6)Very long pearls are an iconic flapper staple. Also try accessorizing with a cloche. Or a beaded handbag. Some well accessorized flappers:

7)And don't foget the jazz! Jazz music was often the scapegoat for all the loose morale but so very tame by today's standards. Hit up itunes for Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, and Earl Hines.

8)And if there's music you gotta dance. Try shocking the public the flapper way by exposing your knees during the Charleston.

9)Most importantly you have to have the perfect flapper dress: dropwaisted, slenderizing, and short. Fringe and beads are bonuses.

10)Complete your look with heavy makeup. Dark eye makeup is a must as well as rouge--put it on your knees too!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

London Calling

I'm going to London in a couple of months so I thought I'd share some cool inspiration blogs. I don't know these bloggers personally and many of them list their location as "United Kingdom, so they're probably not from London at all but they're lovely in their way so please delight in them at your leisure.

The Style Scout is a London street blog. I love seeing snapshots of beautiful, stylish dolls because they inspire me to make unusual pairings with my own wardrobe. This one seems to have an emphasis on vintage and creative attire.

Street style London is another street style blog, obviously. I love the photography in this one for its color and composition. The pictures almost seem to be more about the people than the clothes and I like daydreaming about what the characters are like and their histories.

Style Slicker is the very last street style blog I'll write about...now...in this post. This blog is cool because it features interviews with "fashion insiders". But it's also good for quick inspiration with many textless photos. And the pics of men style are cute and wearable.

I've been a fan of Cheapskate Chic for a long time now. I absolutely love the fashion editorials this blogger finds for her site. Plus we're both thrifters!

Vintage tea shares my passion for fantasy shopping lists and she posts pictures of full ensembles. She also has an etsy shop for her beautiful delicate jewelry.

Diamond Canopy has adorable sugarsweet style and lovely candids alongside dailywear photos.

Discotheque Confusion mines magazine editorials, film, and street style for beauty and inspiration.

Wish Wish Wish has wonderfully photographed dailywear posts as well as tutorials for quick change ideas. I can't sew and I can use these ideas.

Go to Prim Things for adorable fairy waif fantasy dress up fun and D.I.Y. projects.

The Dictionary of an Incredible Illness isn't a style blog. I just like this guy's rants and if he were to post one every day, I'd still read it.