Monday, September 21, 2009

Daily Wear: Afterbirthday Party

Just a quick little posty. I'm still going through my pictures from Amsterdam so a few of those will be up soon.

My friend just had a baby (while I was in Paris, no less) and I got to see her just after I got back to celebrate her being able to drink again (yay!) and smoke too (boo!). And it was her birthday too! With all the chaos over travel and babies we almost forgot about that one.

I bought this star sundress sometime over the summer, never posted about it or wore it and looky now summer is over. So anyway, I paired in with hot pink tights and a little denim jacket.

In this picture you can almost see my shoes-black pointy maryjanes with kitten heels. You can also see our shameful under couch mess. Wire hangers???

And a weird bright flash/dark room look at my makeup. Hot pink eyeshadow made me think I should beige out my lips and be kinda plain everywhere else. I might have had a bit of blush though. I can't remember.... Oh yeah, my necklace in the first picture is a pocketwatch I bought in Paris. I'll have to get a close up soon.

Stay tuned.....!!!!


  1. Wow loving the bright eye make up. Also, those tights are amazing!

  2. oh wow i wish i pulled off bright pinks like you do! congratulations to your friend who just had a baby! so exciting!