Thursday, September 24, 2009

How I styled it: Sporty Prepster

Ten million eons ago I posted a style inspiration on vintage sporty/preppy looks because of a dress I bought ten million eons before that. Even for a procrastinator like me it's ridiculous how much this topic got lost in the fold. I'm finally going to post some pics. I apologize. It's a very summer look and here we are at the end September. Maybe I can salvage it for a Halloween costume?

This is my vintage tennis dress that I mentioned before. I love it so much. It's the perfect A-line cut for my body and I love the fresh preppy combo of white and kelly green. It's very short however, but I do have on a pair of white shorts, so no use trying to get a glimpse of panties.

I meant to get a pair of white plimsolls but never managed to do it. even when they were on sale. even when I had gone to the store specifically for them, holding them in my hand. somehow I didn't do it. So instead please accept these white socks with green stripes as a substitute.

I put my hair back in a perky ponytail. This is the kind of look that goes well with a suntan but I don't (and won't!) tan so I tried to come up with a natural (ish!) girl next door/healthy look.

I felt like fresh skin was most important so I used a bit of concealer where I usually do not. Copper on the eyes, bright pink on the cheeks, pinker than natural but still neutral-ish lips.

Makeup details:

eyes...Lancome Color Du Jour eyeshadow on the browbone(it's a bit of a plum but sweeps gently on leaving a copper/bronze shimmer) and Revlon cream shadow in Precious Metals on the lid (it's a four pack, I used the copper one).

cheeks and lips...Mark Good Glowing blush in Ripe Glo and Avon Ultra Luxury lip liner in Baby Pink with Lancome Juicy Tube in Frozen Punch.

It was definitely important to fill in my brows for this look.

Ah, so there. Finally got it out of the way. I'll have my Paris pictures up soon. Until then Au Revoir!


  1. Yay! You look so sheik (sp?) posing. I guess that I shouldn't use words that I am not positive how to spell, but then there you are. I love you and your style. :)

  2. AH you look so cute. The hair, the dress, all go together so well.

  3. This is my favorite because I'm really into kelly green on pretty girls.