Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daily Wear: Amsterdam!

So I've finally looked over my pictures from Amsterdam and selected a few, though nothing came out really well. Lots of Myspace style self portraits.....well it's funny at least. We were in Amsterdam for four days and were surprised at how walkable it was. I think we managed to see all the neighborhoods but maybe one. and here is what I wore...

Lots 'o stripes. this is me in the hotel hallway, very red eyed...from the flash! Charcoal grey pinstripe pants, black trench coat, dove grey stripe bag, pink stripe scarf, silver flats....

And here is the pink floral blouse I wore with it, never got a full outfit pic so use your imagination. I really like mixing prints, especially florals and stripes. Pink ribbon in hair. Dazed expression. Poor shy husband making another unglamorous appearance.

On day two we rented bikes and explored the streets and didn't die or kill anyone. Black trenchcoat (it rained the whole time), cream tights, black maryjanes with ivory piping, grey stripe bag...

And a shot from the front reveals pink dress (from my faerie post) with green cardigan (which has a pink floral patch or something, I forget) I did have on shorts under my dress though so no use looking for my panties.

Day three in the Vondelpark. dove grey pants, black wrap cardigan, grey/ivory blouse with black bows across the breast. the return of the thin giant headband; black/white stripe slipons, pink purse.

And my adorable yet geeky husband in a flattering picture because he has suffered so much indignity due to my misguided vanity.

I justreally like this picture, from our last night at a Jenever tasting. We had a good time and it was a good memory to end our Amsterdam experience with. But if you're curious about what's under that trench, I leave you with this disturbing image...

details:green/pink floral button up, fake denim jumper dress, hot pink tights, silver flats. Thank goodness those people behind me were facing the other way and missed my goofball preening.

I have pictures form Paris coming soon. I was there a week though so it's a lot to go through so expect some filler for a few days, or perhaps even nothing at all.

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  1. Awe, you are just too cute! Love your hair and outfit, and your coat is gorgeous!

  2. I REALLY like your hair accessories. This sounds a bit strange, but when it comes to headbands or hats (even barets), I'm a bit wary of them. They never seem to look as good on me as they do other people. As you've proven here.

    By the way, you and your husband are absolutely adorable!!

  3. Oh god, so many lovely things to comment on! What a beautiful pink ribbon, and such a sweet bike. You just look like your having the most darling time!

  4. It does certainly look VERY 'made in Netherlands' :)