Thursday, September 17, 2009

Daily Wear: London!

I'm finally getting around to posting about my vacation, me, the one with a mind like a sieve. So I'm slow on memories right now but perhaps seeing the pics will help me along. i apologize if I've forgotten names and places and dates.

This is me doing a bathroom shot abroad! First night in London, face courtesy of my being drunk already at this point. We had to take a dozen pics to get this outfit and for that reason never attempted to get outfit pics for the rest of the two weeks. I was on vacation from everything, including blogging. And my outfits weren't too cute anyway as I realized once I got a gander at European girls. My European readers might debate this, but they're thinking of girls from new York and L.A. not Pittsburgh.

If you care...details: grey/white engineer stripe dress, grey tights, mint green bow tie held by bobby pins, silver flats. Next picture also features my pink/cream stripe scarf, ubiquitous on this trip.

This is a picture with my adorable nerd husband, who was mistaken for British in every town we went to. I hope he doesn't overly mind that I've exposed him on this blog. I know he snoops around here about once a month. If I post a whole bunch this will be on the next page and he hasn't the attention span to go back that far!

On day two we took a metro or bus (mind like a sieve) to Piccadilly circus and walked a circuitous route through Leicester square, covent garden, soho back to where we were staying in Bloomsbury. So we are somewhere in that area in this picture. You tell me. Poor husband is gonna be in every shot for the next three posts, i think. He almost always wears his glasses because his contacts bother him but I like being able to see his face and green eyes.

Sort of an outfit pic. I wanted a picture of myself in a phone booth but I wouldn't get in because it wreaked of urine and was full of dirty pictures. I'm not drunk but look like it anyway. Black and white striped shirt, wide leg bluejeans, black/white stripe flats. black/white stripe headband bow. black and white stripes? Black trench coat also ubiquitous.

Third and final day in London. We visited the Tate Modern. A rare eyeglass free day for poor hubby. Bur he wore the hat, ubiquitous for him.

This is probably the last time you'll get to see my outfit. Amsterdam and Paris made me lazy. This is along the Thames. we like bridge/water shots. Off-white tunic tucked into high waisted grey pinstripe skirt. Black shoes and stockings. Large yet thin cream bow headband. huge grey striped purse. Face courtesy of being windblown.

So that was my trip in a nutshell. Windy. Short. I was sad to leave, anxious to return, but still excited to go to Amsterdam. Stay tuned for pictures from that leg of the trip...more blurry, unattractive headshots of me and hubby. See you soon!


  1. It looks like you had fun. I am so happy for you! :)

  2. Love the white headband, it's very cute and the rest of the outfit is too!

  3. That last outfit melted my heart! You look adorable as always :)

  4. Ahh that white hairband is so cute! :) <33