Monday, September 28, 2009

Daily Wear: Going to the Zoo

But I didn't even take any pictures at the zoo. I know,lame. I just get really nervous about having my picture taken in general and I didn't want to cause strangers to stop and stare. So I just took a couple of pictures at home by myself in my living room. I really like seeing other blogger's outfit posts so I hope maybe I can inspire someone else in a small way with my lil ragtag closet.

I love this cut of dress. It ties at the waist so I can accentuate my best feature and then sort of skim rights over my hips and thighs so they are less apparent. I also think big button all the way down is darling. Plus I love dresses with pockets!

Plaid is a huge trend right now and honestly I'm sick of it. I feel like it's been everywhere for seasons already. But I couldn't pass this up. I guess because it was an 'open' plaid with few colors. You can almost make out the waffle texture of the fabric in this closeup.

I paired it, naturally, with navy tights and red flats. Do you care about brands? The dress is H&M. But I stopped by the vintage shop I work at and people thought it was vintage and kept touching me. I felt famous. It a creepy way. See? That's why I don't want to take pictures in public so you are stuck with my plain white mantel again.


  1. Woo the red shoes really pop in the outfit!!

  2. awww wow i love this! Yiqin is right! the red shoes work great!
    and the zoo !!! oohhh thats fun!

  3. I have that same dress but I don't think it works as well on me as it does on you. You look cute! (I however, look totally straight, no curves in that dress.)