Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Daily Wear: Summer into Fall

Like everyone else I suppose, I'm trying to transition my summer clothes into fall. Historically the fall season has been my favorite for fashion but this year I just can't seem to get into anything I'm seeing in stores. I'm sick to death of purple. Corduroy is so unflattering. And leopard print can suck it.

Whoa. Sorry. I let a little bitterness seep out there didn't I?

I'm really wimpy about cold weather. Really. I think even 50' is horrendous and where I live it gets much colder than that. And I suspect that my winter melancholy has arrived much sooner than usual.

I've really enjoyed wearing dresses this summer. I'm usually so shy about drawing attention to myself or showing any skin but this year I really let myself be free. I don't want to go back into drab layers and brown everything.

So I'm holding on to my summer wardrobe for as long as possible, maybe forever!

Here I'm seen rolling my eyes upward as I try to autumnize my floral sleeveless top. I decided that although it's actually a very summer top, it'll would pass because it's such a dark floral. They main colors are black and burgundy which I'm seeing everywhere for fall with a little bit of green, grey, and mustard. It's also a pop art style of floral, they don't look realistic which lends a tougher, colder weather feel.

I paired the top with grey slacks (get used to them, they are the only pants that fit), my cropped denim jacket, and some ankle boots with a side detail that looks like buttons. They aren't quite grey, nor quite brown. Very strange. As they match nothing, they can be worn with everything!

I'd call this a successful transition. I'm hoping to replicate this success with more of my summer tops. As soon as I get them out of the wash...

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  1. aww i think you were totally successful in "autumnizing" your floral summer top! :D