Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to be a flapper in ten easy steps!

I love flapper attitude and style and I think this look should be adopted for more than a lazy Halloween costume. It's free spirited and fun and sexy in a darkly glamorous way. So let's try it for a night out.

1)Bob your hair! This may be hard for some people. I am not willing to cut my hair at this time but I've had bobbed hair in the past on several occasions and always loved it. If you can't bob it, try an Uma Thurman circa Pulp Fiction wig, or, I don't know, try to pull it up in a way that looks rebellious and possibly finger waved. Would that work?

2)Watch some fun 1920s films that helped popularize the look and made stars of actresses like Clara Bow and Louise Brooks. It'll help you channel your inner vixen, inspire your look and had some pepper to your slang. The following flicks are the cat's pajamas! I mean, the bee's knees. Uh, you know what I mean....
A couple of suggestions are It and Diary of a Lost Girl

3)Curl up on a rainy day and read one of my favorite books, by my favorite author: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Scott and his wife Zelda also helped the flapper look and personality reach the masses through their writing and antics. Then read a bio and feel terrible.

4)Well, come on girl, you have to rebel! But do it old school style and drive a car and swear. If that's not enough I guess you could attend a petting party, but, eww.

5)Drink gin. Lots of it. In an illegal speakeasy. But don't forget: Gin makes you sin. Could be helpful for tip no# 4.

6)Very long pearls are an iconic flapper staple. Also try accessorizing with a cloche. Or a beaded handbag. Some well accessorized flappers:

7)And don't foget the jazz! Jazz music was often the scapegoat for all the loose morale but so very tame by today's standards. Hit up itunes for Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, and Earl Hines.

8)And if there's music you gotta dance. Try shocking the public the flapper way by exposing your knees during the Charleston.

9)Most importantly you have to have the perfect flapper dress: dropwaisted, slenderizing, and short. Fringe and beads are bonuses.

10)Complete your look with heavy makeup. Dark eye makeup is a must as well as rouge--put it on your knees too!


  1. I am a 1920s addict. I cut my hair in a bob after seeing Pandora's Box with Louise Brooks around two years ago. The women from that period are so inspiring.

  2. I never was really attracted to the flapper look but it's been finding ways into my head lately. I love your ten steps! Finding a perfect dress is so hard tho. I'll start by reading The Great Gatsby first :]