Friday, June 26, 2009

How I Became a Flapper in Much Fewer Steps

I've been having so much fun getting into flapper style and daydreaming over old photos on Flickr so I decided to try it out for myself. I wanted to do it in a way that didn't look like I was wearing a Halloween costume and I didn't want to veer into goth territory with too much kohl eyeliner.

So this is kind of a two-on-one post; part makeup, part imitating a style icon. First the makeup! I shot the makeup pics on multiple days to try subtle variations and kinda whittled down the photos to these three. There may be some slight difference, sorry!

I used a deep wine colored cream eyeshadow up a little past the crease and smudged a little along the lower lash line as well. Then I used a black cream eyeliner on the top and bottom lash lines to create a dramatic take on the traditional smokey eye. I also used a plum mascara and filled in my brows.

Here's a close-up...

Bonus tip: Plum eye makeup is universally flattering and intensifies every eye color. My eyes are very brown but my makeup brings out green tones.

I wasn't fully satisfied with this effect because it didn't photograph dark enough to get the look I wanted and I just wasn't thrilled with the eyeliner. so I tried it another way.

These photos don't do it justice, but my changes made a dramatic difference. I did my eye makeup the same as above but then went OVER it all with more the deep wine color. It made the black eyeliner more subtle and "smokier" and just intensified my eyes. I took these pics on different days and I guess various stages of lighting and flash, so I do apologize.

And here's how I styled it...

The eye makeup: Cream shadow/liner in Stiletto (wine color) and Towne Car (black); Bad gal Plum mascara, Just Browzing eyebrow kit...all by Benefit

Cheeks and lips: Thrrrob powder blush by benefit and Revlon colorstay in Lasting Peony (See! I told you I wasn't a makeup snob) I wanted to use pink to keep the look fresh and summery and to provide levity to all the intensity on the eyes.

I wasn't brave enough to bob my hair so i sort of tucked it up and under to create a similar but temporary effect. I donned a lovely pink drop waist dress, loads of white and "black" pearls and assumed a cheeky pose. Viola!


  1. Aww, you look adorable. I like the hairdo. :o I could never get my hair to do that. It's too fussy.

    And I wish I could wear pretty peach colors like that, you look gorgeous in that shade. If I wear ivory/peach/beige/pastels in general with the exception of white or cream, I look all washed out. :(

    Lovely lovely.

    And oh! The chairs! Hee! ^_^