Tuesday, June 16, 2009

London Calling

I'm going to London in a couple of months so I thought I'd share some cool inspiration blogs. I don't know these bloggers personally and many of them list their location as "United Kingdom, so they're probably not from London at all but they're lovely in their way so please delight in them at your leisure.

The Style Scout is a London street blog. I love seeing snapshots of beautiful, stylish dolls because they inspire me to make unusual pairings with my own wardrobe. This one seems to have an emphasis on vintage and creative attire.

Street style London is another street style blog, obviously. I love the photography in this one for its color and composition. The pictures almost seem to be more about the people than the clothes and I like daydreaming about what the characters are like and their histories.

Style Slicker is the very last street style blog I'll write about...now...in this post. This blog is cool because it features interviews with "fashion insiders". But it's also good for quick inspiration with many textless photos. And the pics of men style are cute and wearable.

I've been a fan of Cheapskate Chic for a long time now. I absolutely love the fashion editorials this blogger finds for her site. Plus we're both thrifters!

Vintage tea shares my passion for fantasy shopping lists and she posts pictures of full ensembles. She also has an etsy shop for her beautiful delicate jewelry.

Diamond Canopy has adorable sugarsweet style and lovely candids alongside dailywear photos.

Discotheque Confusion mines magazine editorials, film, and street style for beauty and inspiration.

Wish Wish Wish has wonderfully photographed dailywear posts as well as tutorials for quick change ideas. I can't sew and I can use these ideas.

Go to Prim Things for adorable fairy waif fantasy dress up fun and D.I.Y. projects.

The Dictionary of an Incredible Illness isn't a style blog. I just like this guy's rants and if he were to post one every day, I'd still read it.


  1. What a lovely blog Lacey! Here is another good London style blog for you to check out:
    Thanks for the complement and drop me a note when your heading over to London if you would like some tips on places to check out while your here.
    Ella x