Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daily Wear: I match the walls

I know I need to get into the habit of doing Daily Wear posts, but honestly, I spend much of the week not looking very special at all. So I guess I better take advantage of any occasion to wear a fun floral dress. The best part of summer is getting to wear lovely light weight frocks and adorable shoes. I think the general public is also more accepting of strange garb in warmer months. I get fewer stares and more compliments!

So here I am today...

I have my tongue out in a bizarre way because I hate getting my picture taken and get so awkward and nervous even when the photographer is my love. I was also fidgeting quite a bit so I have a ghost arm, one that kind of disappears and blurs. But I'm posting this one anyway because I seem to be fond of putting my worst foot forward and publishing terrible photos of myself online. And it fits my quirky nature, so in the end it was actually the best one.

I wore this to bunches of yard sales near my house, about one neighborhood over. It's where all the Victorian mansions are so I expected to find a million rare and vintage things. It turns out it was mostly junk, as though people realized everyone else was having a yard sale, so they took advantage of the traffic to unload some of their crap. But I did end up with a few things, like a coffee table I don't truly need. I have too many tables and chairs as it is. I also found some Life Magazines from the sixties which was the main excitement for the day. And a hardback book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, my favorite author. It's one I've read before but lost along the way but my husband hasn't read it and I'd like him to. It's always nice to have someone you respect read a book you love. I get a nervousness in my stomach and excited too because I hope they'll like it. I think your favorite books can be very revealing of your heart, like your favorite songs. When you share these things, you are really sharing a part of your secret self.

Oh! The outfit! Oops...Well, it's surprisingly fall-like for such a summer dress. Orange and mustard and brown flowers! I love this dress for the little pockets on the side and these colors are becoming on a redhead no matter what the season. Orange tights, red shoes, and a silly disposition! All in all this is pretty typical of what I wear on warm Sunday afternoons.... See you next week!

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  1. you are absolutely awsome. Are you sure that you havent done this all your life? :) hugs