Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I got my new shoes on!

I'm a girl so of course I have a strange addiction to shoes. I can't stop buying them even though I'm pretty much buying the same styles and colors over and over again. Not to mention, I buy super cheap ones so I can afford everything else in life and they are almost always terribly painful. So I limp a lot. I have actual scars on my feet from so many terrible shoes. But it's not really my fault. My feet are wide and flat so every shoe my whole life has fit horribly. My doctor thought I was making it up that my feet hurt so much and so I just convinced my mom to buy me puffy sneakers at least one size too big. And then went barefoot as much as I could get away with it. Maybe this childhood trauma has made me focus on them so much. I buy them, in twos or fours (I like shoes in even numbers?) and wear them, damaging them the first time out and then throw them in a box or closet grave.

But they are so cute!

These are my favorite of the lot so I'll show them first. That way if you don't like these you can stop reading cause it doesn't get better from here. Unless you're really into flats. Scroll down for those...

These are perfect. Silver. heels. ruffles!!!! I love bows but ruffles are so over the top girly and fun. You got a peek of these in my flapper dress-up post where I wore them with fishnets but here I am with sheer blue pantyhose. I usually wear tights, even in summer, but this was nice and light for hot weather without having to actually bare my legs. Or actually wear actual pantyhose. Eww.

I bought another pair of heels, again silver.

These are pointy toed and very high. I usually don't wear this style of shoe but like i said, I needed to buy an even number of pairs so I ended up with these. I'm wearing them here with black fishnets but I actually ended up wearing these with wide legged trousers and denim so just a tip of silver peeked out for a nice effect. I also ended up wearing them walking home from yoga in my yoga clothes. I changed at work and rushed off to yoga and had no other shoes. Short walk; lots of stares.

Ok, now for the flats, also two pairs. You probably recognize these from my "match the walls" post...

My lovely red shoes with an adorable white buckle. I love patent leather especially in red. Worn here with the orange tights, obviously taken on the same day as my last post. I want to experiment with treating red as a neutral and wear these shoes in pairings I wouldn't normally.

And last but not least...

Cute flats with a little bow, of course. In navy blue with tiny white polka dots! These are cute and perfect for my earlier nautical inspirations. I have plans up my sleeve for these ones...perhaps....I'm working on another dress-up blog, so we'll see how it works out. Worn here with purple tights, if you can't tell. The picture didn't come out too well. Oops, better luck next time.

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