Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summery 70s makeup

I adore makeup and want to include as many makeup posts as possible without becoming annoying. I hate Hate HATE having my picture taken but I'm usually the most readily available "model". My best friend is gorgeous and photogenic but makeup disappears on her ivory skin or becomes grey and who knows why.

I took these pictures last month in my bathroom while getting ready for work so pretend like my hair's not a mess and I'm not in my pajamas. This was the makeup look I was using during the comfy 70s nautical vibe I was whining about and had cute outfits I was too lazy to take pictures of. Just like all the cute outfits since then and including today that I never took pictures of. I'll do better on that account soon. Really, I will.

In case you're curious, I'll tell you what I used as I recall it. I tend to use mostly Benefit Cosmetics (because I used to work for them) and MAC (cause it's such a cheap indulgent impulse buy) but I don't really advocate one brand over another and I use lots of brands, including drug store, including--eegads! Wet n Wild!

On the eyes: I used a shimmery bronze loose eyeshadow by benefit called Big Daddy. I dampen a fluff brush first because it helps to control the powder but also because it intensifies the color and gives it more of a metallic sheen rather than a pale shimmer. The blue is a pigment by MAC called Mutiny from their A Rose Romance collection. I don't know if it was limited addition or not. I use more of a round tip brush for that, dry dipped. The bronze eyeliner was another benefit product: Creaseless cream shadow/liner in Busy Signal. I also used black Dazzlelash MAC mascara and Benefit Just Browzing eyebrow kit.

Lips and cheeks: Coral lip pencil that I filled my lips in with in Mercy topped with a coral lipgloss in Corsage with a Coralista powder blush on cheeks. All products by Benefit. See, I told you I use a lot of their stuff.

I would love to see some other examples of blue eyeshadow not looking clownish or ridiculous. I hope I have accomplished this. I'm working on adapting the dark eyed flapper look in a modern non gothish way. Wish me luck!


  1. I love it! you should never fear you look beautiful in these pictures! I want you to do my makeup sometime when I am there and my skin is clear. I need ideas. and money to buy more eye makeup. i have been scraping the bottom of the container literally. can I use a brand like maybelline or covergirl without being considered a cheapskate and looking trashy? you know how i am about my clinique, but I have to budget right now. Help me lacey! I need to look fabulous on a budget!

  2. Trust me no one can tell what brand of makeup you are wearing so go ahead and wear covergirl and maybelline.

  3. Ok. I will! I have have had my eye on a set of eye shadow called forest and another called irish. I am going to look around for the best deal and shades tho. I need to find some browns too.