Thursday, October 1, 2009

On Trend: Lace

So I'm trying a new thing where I actually pay attention to something going on in the world of fashion. Usually I just gravitate to certain things without knowing why and I tend not to put much thought into my outfits beyond "this matches...I think".

This time I thought I'd build an outfit around something lace (fitting as my name is Lacey). I like how lace lends a romantic touch but I didn't want to get to flowy and flowery and look like I'm still dressed for summer.

Being goofy for the camera! I layered this sheer cream lace top over a charcoal grey cami. The black bow belt adds to the femininity of the piece which is then toughened up with skinny jeans. I threw on my red flats cause I love them with everything. But something was still missing...

My beloved red cardigan picks up the red in the shoes and makes the outfit more appropriate for cooler weather. I could also have secured the black ribbon on the outside of the cardigan (but then I would have had to commit to not removing it).

I haven't forgotten about my paris pics, i'm just kinda putting off looking through it all. Soon, though....I think.


  1. I love lace, it makes me feel so feminine. That is a really cute outfit on you. Good work:)