Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Style Icons: Sporty Prepsters

I've been shamefully working on this post for over a month and I've still got nada. It all started when I saw a collection in some fashion magazine that featured a sporty style with vintage tinges. and while I've never been sporty, either physically or in fashion, I'm drawn to nearly anything vintage.

That fashion editorial got me to daydreaming about what Jordan Baker from The Great Gatsby would have worn on her golf outings. Then I thought about sunbathed preppy girls in the fifties, playing tennis at some exclusive country club. Then I began to realize that tennis dresses are dresses and boy do I love dresses.

And it kinda ended there. I didn't think I would ever get my hands on a vintage tennis dress. And there was no way I was going to invest in some terribly styleless nike version.

But then I did find a vintage tennis dress...and it fit! So I knew itwas fate and I had to do this post. But there have been other obstacles.

Firstly, I couldn't find many example online that I could use to showcase the style on this blog. I have gathered a few from etsy sellers but the trail was running cold. Google and flickr were no help to me as I searched for vintage photographs, particularly of starlets wearing this style.

But still, I must persevere on. This blog may be the only forum for which I can get away with wearing a tennis dress. They are quite short, you know.

So for total vanity I am posting this blog wherein I tout a sporty retro style so I can show off a couple of days later in another post. I'm sorry. But it is what it is.


  1. While I do find the thought of a bunch of snobbish, babybooming 1950s women playing tennis to be a somewhat romantic scene (in the sense that the 1950s in general seems rather romantic to me), I can't say I'd ever venture into the world of tennis dresses. Only because it makes me think of cheerleaders, and thinking of cheerleaders brings back terrible memories of going to school with them.


  2. oh, that yellow skirt is so lovely ♥