Friday, October 23, 2009

Daily Wear: Deconstructed tuxedo

I use to be more daring when it came to skirt lengths. I always wore those school girl style skirts, usually plaid, in high school and beyond and it took me a long time to out grown that look. I have a hard time with skirts in general, having a larger than average (judging by clothing dimensions) measurement difference between my waist and my hips/thighs. Classic pearshape drama. If a skirt fits in the waist, it is way too tight to move the rest of the way down, assuming I can actually pull it up over my thighs. I often have to put on skirts over my head and try to shimmy them down over my chest. But if I get a skirt to fit me in the thighs/hips, I have a huge gap around my waist. so these little a-line skirts were the best solution. They seemed to be the best style to ear for my body and I got getaway with wearing them low on my hips.

But not only is that completely boring, having basically the same skirt for years and years but then a funny thing happened. i got older. and I know, I know. Age is just a number. But tell me you've never seen a woman look inappropriate dressed as a teenager well beyond her teenage years.

So My skirts have to get longer. and they have been. They graze my knee now, sometimes a bit above, sometimes a bit below. Assuming I can find a skirt that even half way fits.

But, I digress. This tunic is way too short to wear out in public as a dress. But I've done that before. And I've done it without tights. I really had no idea the fine line between a bold 60s length hem and tacky white trash.

So now I know. But I couldn't help but love this look anyway. Hence the sunglasses to protect my identity.

Basically the same pose twice I know, but the other ones I took were all wrong.

Outfit details: Ivory tunic (I wear this endlessly), black tuxedo jacket, black tights, black/white spectator peeptoes) Do you care about brands? Should I list that info?


  1. Hahahaha, only if you care about them. I would be interested. I like this outfit, but yes I have been struggling with the same issues lately. Age appropiate, blarg. Oh well. Maybe the fact we are concerned about such things means that we do and will dress our age. I am sorry I couldnt entertain you the other evening, I was visiting a co-worker that has just had surgery. I miss you. :(

  2. P.S. These pics make you look thin and stylish.

  3. I personally think you look awesome in this tunic as it is!