Monday, October 12, 2009

Daily Wear: Dressed for Fall

I'm still hanging onto to being able to wear dresses for as long as the weather holds. It seems to be getting colder and colder so expect to soon see months and months of me in the One Pair of Pants That Fit!

But until then I brought out a dress i usually wear in summer because it's so short and made it cooler weather appropriate. It's in fall colors and had kind of a 60s vibe so I paired it with mustard tights and tall brown boots.

I haven't worn this dress in over a year. I kept having to pull it down to preserve modesty. I guess I got, erm.....taller...since last year. This may have just graduated to shirt status.

A brown cord military jacket provided a little warmth and coverage. I wore this to a super creepy haunted house with my husband, best friend, and her husband. Everyone said a ghoul would put their hand up my dress but none did. I guess I'm getting old.


  1. What a cute outfit! The dress is so perfectly retro-futuristic and mustard is one of my favorite colors.