Saturday, October 3, 2009

Daily Wear: Paris!

Well without further ado, a few of my photographs from my recent week in Paris. I don't think I managed to take any pictures my first day, at least none that included any outfit details. We took the Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris and between some confusion of how to get onto the metro from the train (when the ticket booth was closed for maintenance and the machines wouldn't accept our credit cards and we had no coins) and then arriving at the apartment we rent to find thatthe key had not been left for us, only to be rescued by the maid who didn't speak french or english, being half starved and headachey .....and where was I going with this? Oh! Not many pictures that first day, but I do have a few here and there of the rest of the trip....

And so these pictures are not in day by day order that my blogs on London and Amsterdam were. I'm just too tired and overwhelmed right now to figure it all out. But this his husband and I at Pere Lachaise, the cemetery with all the famous people, mostly frenchies.

Here I am posing in front of Oscar Wilde's grave with hundreds of lipstick prints, thousands. Many of the graves had signs of devotion like letters tucked here and there, candles, real and plastic flowers, messages written directly on stone. It was different for me, thinking about cemetery culture. I'm wearing my jumper again, remixed with the striped tee shirt and grey tights. This was one of my favorite outfits because the cuteness of it made me happy.

Here we are in Montmarte. We wandered around looking up scenes from Amelie, including eating in the little cafe where she worked. Some fellow tourists were kind enough to take our picture outside the basilica sacre coeur overlooking the amazing view.

and it was a long way up... Me in grey pants, green cardigan, green and pink floral button up. I lobe to layer short sleeved cardigans over long sleeve tops. Don't you?

Brunch at a little creperie. Absolutely delicious. It's near the Pompidou, which I think we visited afterward and were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of artworks of all varieties. But at this point we were pretty museumed out.

In the entryway of our rented apartment. Pink Satin dress remixed for the fourth time, i think on this blog that's only been around four months! I guess i just really really really like it. Shown here with black wrap cardigan and grey tights.

A super close up of me in the Jardin Luxembourg, my favorite place on earth. I think we spent at least two days there, though on our last trip we explored more of the gardens. This picture justreminded me of how awful my nose it. Next!

Sitting on the edge of the fountain. That's right. turtles vomiting onto horses. Wearing my favorite engineer stripe dress with hot pink tights and silver flats. One of the few pictures I like the looks of.

Eating out yummy sorbets! I can't actually remember what else we did on this day...wait! At least part of it was spent walking along the Seine where we buy our art prints. I distinctly remember regretting wearing heels.

Husband insisted on taking a picture of me in the stairway of our building. I'm wearing my grey/cream tunic with the black bows tucked into a grey high waisted skirt. Black wrap cardigan for the slight breeze coming off the water. I'm very wimpy about cold.

In the Luxembourg again. I feel like this was pretty early in our trip actually. I of course was not really asleep but dear husband was. He can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, is in fact, asleep right now.

Along the Seine, pretending to be a glamorous model and failing. Wearing wideleg jeans, pink/grey floral blouse, and trusty black cardigan...again...

My makeup look for the week consisted of a smokey eye, rose cheeks, and pinky nude lips. I played around with the eyeshadow shades to give more or less intensity for day or night. Fun and easy.

On the eyes: Lancome eyeshadow quad in Radiance (but only the lightgrey on the brow bone and the medium silver grey on the lid), Sephora brand matte black eye shadow, Benefit black eyeliner, and Estee Lauder mascara (it was a free gift mini, lost now, and I can't recall the formula...sorry)

On the cheeks and lips: cream blush in Shhhh, lip pencil in Lush, and lip gloss in Streakin'--all by benefit.

And this is how it looks all put together. I may have another post of some more vacation pictures, hope it won't be too boring for you!


  1. Paris must have been a blast. I can only imagine how wonderful it is. All of your outfits look darling and I especially love your pink purse.

  2. You looked fabulous on your trip!