Monday, October 26, 2009

Tangerine and Cobalt

For some reason these two colors, particularly together, have really been appealing to me lately. I think it's because I'm attracted to bright colors and these are the delightfully bright versions of navy and orange that autumn brings about. In general, I've been experimenting with making my summer dresses and other warm weather clothes more appropriate for the descending chill in the air.

This is a very thin vintage dress, definitely made for summer but the color is just so amazing and perfect for right now. A better picture of the dress is here. I've been wearing this boots almost constantly lately. I keep meaning to buy some new ones because these are very old but I can never remember and honestly, I haven't see much that appeals to me this year.

here's a picture where I added my brown corduroy jacket but I think it ended up being too many layers. I like the vest though. It has orange and yellow flowers on it which helps to tame the brightness of the dress, really making it look like Fall. here's a closeup of the pattern....

The background is grey and the trim is brown. I accidentally bought it too big and had to pin it in the back.

I took these pictures at work, so that clutter you see is wonderful vintage clutter and not my dim dark clutter house.

What are your favorite colors to pair together?


  1. My favourite colours are browns and blues :) ♥

  2. You look adorable! I love the colors, so sweet and fresh! :)

  3. Such a cute outfit! I love the colours, esspecially the yellow. You have a lovely blog!