Thursday, October 29, 2009

Style icon: Urban cowgirl

Here is how all this started. I went to a yard sale some time over the summer and bought a western style shirt with opalescent snaps and blue flowers on a white background. I don't usually even like florals but I do like snap ups (on my husband....) but somehow I had to have this shirt. so I bought it and promptly forgot all about it.

Then i came across a Calvin Klein denim skirt. I have a long time hatred of denim skirts. they always seem to look cheap and trashy to me. even when they made some kind of a hipster comeback a few years ago I winced internally every time I saw them and declared i would never wear one. But this CK one sort of called out to me. it wasn't too short. It wasn't wide at the bottom. It looked sort of sleek and......fashiony. so I bought it and promptly forgot about it. Somehow both of these items ended up in the same bag together in my closet and I pulled them out while cleaning. Magic. I had to wear them together. I love them.

I paired them with dark brown tights that have pinstripes which are sheer brown and my beloved boots that I seen to wear with everything these days.

In a way, I'm channeling Uma Thurman in Even Cowgirls get the Blues and Ariel in Footloose and maybe even a little of Thelma and Louise. I'm looking forward to see what else I can do with this skirt. Any suggestions?

I wanted to go kinda natural on the makeup for this but still be feminine. Peach and reddish-brown on the eyes, a reddish bronzer blush and a sheer red lipstick. Part earthy, part sassy.

Makeup details: Shallow by Benefit on the browbone, Swiss Chocolate by MAC on the lid, Dallas by Benefit on the cheeks, and Tropical Kiss by origins on the lips.


  1. I LOVE that florally blouse :) ♥

  2. Wow, you look so lovely! I adore your sweet floral blouse and boots, great outfit!
    Miss Erinna
    p.s im now a follower :)

  3. Your outfit is so sweet and what pretty make up.

    Re:Sounds like you're pretty stressed out at the moment too. For me, I don't realise I'm stressed until I make myself ill.. It just appears seemingly out of nowhere!