Monday, January 18, 2010

Grey Days

I took some pictures next to my partially renovated kitchen wall because it's this lovely aqua blue and I wanted to punk up the blue tones in my clothes. I wish I had someplace interesting to take photos. Half my house is in shambles all the time because I'm working on one project or another and I live in a kind of depressed urban area. The best bit of nature is a cemetery and I feel really weird about hauling my tripod up their for vanity shots amongst people's dear dead loved ones. Pittsburgh is an exceedingly gloomy gray town anyway. I really can't wait until spring.

My life is all rather routine. Is yours? I have a work schedule and a chores schedule and I go to the same place for brunch every weekend. I have a couple thrift stores I frequent, a couple of places I order take out from. I watch a lot of movies on Netflix. I guess it's partly the weather, I tend not to want to do much when it's grey and cold. But I can't but feel that there isn't much to do anyway. What am I missing? It's hard to know if I'm bored or just boring.

Somebody send me some excitement! I guess I'll clean out my closet and get rid of anything that doesn't fit or I just don't care for anymore. I wish I had someone to give them to. I think that would be more enjoyable, to see someone love them, than to just drop them off at a charity shop.

I'm still feeling preppy casual these days. It's a nice break from dresses all the time.

outfit details: (wide leg jeans-Macys; argyle sweater vest-thrifted; blue stripe top-thrifted; and silver flats-payless of course)

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