Saturday, January 30, 2010

I think I need a change.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about whether or not I want to continue doing this blog. It is kinda fun and I enjoy having a hobby albeit one I don't talk about in my real life. Most people I know have no idea about this and even those who do, like my sweet husband, don't really hang out here. I like being able to connect with the girls (mostly) behind the blogs I read. Having a blog makes me look like less of an obsessive stalker and more of a colleague. I hope.

But I also don't want this blog to just become an exercise in narcissism. Truly, I'm not that confident or vain to think that people just want to look at pictures of me and my constantly under construction home. So what do I want this blog to be about? Well, vintage stuff, mostly. That's my passion. So while I do have lots of vintage dresses I could photograph myself in, I'd like to do more photo stories of other vintage bloggers and actual vintage photography. And since my rehab house is often a subject here, I'd like to do more with vintage and retro design and decor. And makeup being my first love, I can't leave that behind but perhaps I'll do more how-tos instead of show offs and focus more on retro/ or even runway looks.

And in order to set myself apart from other bloggers, I need to ask myself, what, if anything makes me special or different from them. As a redhead, I find myself fascinated and drawn to other red haired bloggers, models, and actresses. I want to do features in that area. And though I wouldn't exactly call myself a full figured gal, I'm often a far cry from the girls in blogs I read who have such petite frames. I have such a struggle finding clothes that fit, let alone flatter. If even one girl comes here for tips and advice to help them dress around an oversize ass or above 125 pound frame, I'll know I done good, as my dear friend Jenny would say.

But what would you like to see here? I welcome all tips and advice as I'm really still so new to all of this.

outfit details: grey skinny pants (Urban outfitters); white ruffle cardigan (Kensie); pink and grey floral blouse (Kensie); silver flats (payless, of course!)

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  1. Blogging doesn't have to be narcissistic; to me, blogging is just kind of ranting about the things I love, and it'd be great to see what your interests are! I like the idea of a post about red-headed figures in the media, like the lovely Christina Hendricks or Amy Adams :) I love your blouses, I like how you placed one over the other!