Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jumper Dress and Leggings--3 ways

When I thrifted a plain black little jumper dress a couple months back I had no idea how much use I would get out of it. At first I wore it proper slipping dainty little blouses underneath. But as it got colder, I craved thicker fabrics and had to start wearing my tops on the outside. Coupled with the leggings I bought, despite hating the trend (I guess I needed to try them to understand), I can keep wearing this poor dress all year long.

First I tried it in the grungy rock and roll way I've been reclaiming.

I have a snug black and blue check button up and my faithful houndstooth flats (also receiving much wear)

Then I tried to make it preppy.

I wore a black and white striped button up. I like how the cuffs upturn to reveal some pink and yellow stripes.

And then the third is my favorite. A cute and sassy look.

I love my new bubblegum pink sweater!

What do you think? Is there an article of clothing that you can't stop remixing?

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