Monday, January 25, 2010

A Tale of Two Sundays

I think in general people tend to be down on sundays, thinking of them only as a boring bumper to the dreaded Monday morning and back to work for most. They don't have the party allure of friday or saturday nights. Lots of smaller shops close but the malls are full of the after church crowd elbowing their way back to the sale rack. But I like Sundays. Sometimes my husband or I have to work over the weekend but usually we get to spend it together.

And saturday tends to be so busy! There are chores to do and errands to run. And recreation leans toward the stressful side of things because shopping can be so tiring. It just feels as busy as a work day. It's even more complicated when you have plans for the evening. You never get a break!

But sundays can be so blissfully relaxing and rejuvenating. We almost always go to a lazy brunch at our favorite little place where we can indulge in sweet crepes or french toast or savory omelets and quiches. Sometimes we skip this if we did it on saturday, like when mom comes to visit. And then we barely get out of bed!

It's nice to laze about and lurk around on the internet. Or reading books or watching movie after movie. Sometimes we'll bake or make a more time consuming but delicious meal for dinner. If only Morrissey were right about everyday being like sunday!

The first outfit is from the birthday brunch I mentioned from a couple weeks ago. The second is a bit older and was a day spent blissfully in bed!

outfit details: #1 black zip up leggings (macy's); Crosshatch dress (kensie); white short sleeve cardigan (Kensie); #2 grey pants (urban outfitters); yellow cashmere sweater (thrifted); stripe floral vest (scrapbook)

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