Friday, January 15, 2010

I love armloads of thrift store finds!

I've gotten back into my thrifting habit lately instead of just looking for vintage or new items off the sale rack. It's really fun to have something catch your eye and rush over to it hoping it's in good condition and fits. And when you have a clothing addiction, which I think anyone reading this would have, thrifting is really the only way to go.

I'm still exploring some rock and roll looks but I can never manage ot make them look very tough. I still end up with cutesy details marring up the whole thing because I just like really soft girly clothes. I've been focusing more on preppy pieces because I don't feel like I have enough classics. I've managed to find some staples that have a little twist like a bright color or cool pattern to make them more my own.

What it is: An argyle v-neck sweater vest.

What I'd wear with it: a classic white button up shirt and a black high waisted pencil skirt.

What it is: tangerine cardigan.

What I'd wear it with: uh, well, a classic white button up shirt. The perfect one is really hard to find. I've yet to succeed finding something so basic and obvious. And a pair of 1940's style high waisted trousers.

What it is: a cream colored vintage handbag, found at Good Will, with a tag from the vintage store I work at. I rescued it even though I really didn't need another purse. But now I love it and take it anywhere that I don't need to carry much.

What I'd wear with it: Well anything really but I'll take this opportunity to imagine a dream outfit. I want a pair of tapered flat front black trousers and an edwardian jacket with lace at the cuffs and collar.

What it is: a wonderful bubblegum pink sweater.

What I'd wear with it: A zippered black mini skirt and hot pink suede booties. Because I think that's rock and roll.

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