Sunday, April 18, 2010

Daily Wear: Girly Rocker

Rock and Roll is such a classic look to me.  I think it's because black never quite goes out of style.  And we certainly love our icons to be on the rebellious side.  And even though I realize it's actually a classic look, forever on the cutting edge, the very definition of cool....I can't help but feel really uncomfortable playing the part.

I think it's because rock star clothing tends to be tight and shiny and sexy, while I myself am a wallflower.  I don't like sexy looks on myself.  I gravitate toward a sort of vintagey cutesy look.  So every so often, probably once a month, I try to create a rocker look that's a bit more on the girly side. 

And I always fail! haha!

It doesn't help that it makes me strike actual "poses".  awkward, unflattering me! 

This outfit started with the silver brocade tulip skirt.  I knew it has cute rocker girl possibilities and I wanted to try the look without incorporating any pink at all.  I added up zip up legging as much for warmth as the rock factor.  My blouse has a bra hook closure that you can't really see here.  Then of course the most important part was the high heeled ankle boots!

I took a close up of the skirt so you could really see the brocade.  Otherwise it just looks like metallic shiny crap.

Outfit details: silver brocade skirt (angel); black hook blouse (contempo casuals); zip up leggings (pink rose); ankle boots (payless); absinthe necklace (BarkerBell)

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