Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ethereal Easter Dress

I always seem to be running behind my little self imposed blogging schedule so I always feel stressed and failure-ish. But work has been crazy (both of them) and in general, with some other life stuff, I'm exhausted and stressed pretty much all the time.

So this was my "Easter" dress. We don't celebrate. But usually we seem to go to this vegan place for brunch because before we were dating we went there for an easter brunch and it was the day we realized we both liked each other. We spent that whole day together and it is a very fond memory for us so went again. But they seat you with strangers if you have a small party and I'm really really not good at strangers. So I was mostly silent and irritated and probably came across as a total bitch. Eh.

This is the filmy sheer pink dress form my flapper photos last year. I forgot how low-cut it was! I was going for a kind of ethereal ghost girl vibe but i mostly failed. I think I simply has on too much pastel so I just looked like an Easter egg. I got the theme of sheerness with the dress and the fishnets but it just didn't come together right. I would love to see someone else's ghost girl photos! lol

Outfit details: pink ruffle dress (thrifted); purple fishnets (urban outfitters); cream maryjanes (target); cream headband (forever21); necklace (BarkerBell).

This is a blurry side of of my necklace. It's an old absinthe print.

Side two shows what appears to be devils and demons clutching at the bottle. I guess I know how my ghost girl died. I bought this necklace at The Little Flea, a local flea market that also showcases local artists. I forget the girl's name (i lost her business card!) but I found her etsy site and she makes a ton of jewelry from vintage and recycled parts using everything from old prints to watch parts and Barbie shoes! Please go check her out here.....BarkerBell

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