Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Smokey eyes- Grey edition

As you've probably noticed, I'm a wee bit MAC obsessed and I like to pounce on new limited editions when they come out.  I'm doing much better at using restraint and not buying a much of stuff I don't need or even really care for just because it's new and limited edition.  Having said that, I couldn't resist the Liberty of London collection that came out last month with its adorable packaging.  I did however manage to only buy the two things that most appealed to me.  The india ink blue nail polish and the grey shadow.  And once I had a new grey shadow in hand, I knew I'd have to do a smokey eye post.

I created this really easy look by first applying the pale dove grey shadow (satin finish) all over the lid.  I then used a matte black shadow in the outer third of my lid into the crease and up a wee bit.  Lastly I used a black cream liner (you could go thin or thick on this) and then a bit of mascara.

I finished the look with a pink blush, berry lipstain and berry gloss.  Foundation and powder and all that stuff too of course!

This is a paler, day version because I had to go to work after the pics were taken but of course you can dial up the intensity if you like.  I'm trying to practice restraint in creating day appropriate looks and realistic versions of runway makeup but fell free to go wild! 

Makeup details:

eyes:  Benefit creaseless cream liner in Towne Car; Sephora all over color in 91M; MAC's  shadow in Bough Grey; Clinique's High Lengths mascara in Black.

Cheeks and lips: Benefit's Thrrrob powder; Benefit Benetint lip stain; Lancome juicy tube in Berry Bold.

I like doing makeup posts, in part, because you can actually see my eye color. For some reason close-ups don't result in red eye but all of my other photos do resulting in red eye corrector resulting in black eyes.  But I like my real eyes much better.

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