Thursday, April 29, 2010

Series: black and white stripes

So, I finally got together my pictures for this series: Black and white stripes!  I even tried to break up the monotony by doing a dress, skirt, and pants look, though all the outfits are really very basic.  I wanted the stripes to be the star so no over accessorizing.

I really loved this chevron striped party dress as it has a nice rockabilly feel.  Alas, I barely got it on and had to smash my breasts down to do it.  As size five B cups want this dress?  It was only worn for the pictures and I had to change to something else the night I wanted to wear it sad.

I wore the dress with just basic black tights and cute little black and white maryjanes, probably my favorite heels.  I love that it's snug at the breast and waist and flares out in the skirt.

And a back view to see the little bow tied messily in the back.

And here I am being a jerk and jumping on the bed.  I can never get pictures to take right in the bedroom because of the purple walls, I think.  Color adjust just makes things worse. This is a casual look, for going to flea markets in the early hours.

Here's a better view to see my red flats. I just wanted a little splash of color.  It's hard to tell  that the tee shirt is striped because the stripes are so tight.  Worn here with a denim skirt and black tights.

Outfit details: Black stripe tee(thrifted); denim mini skirt (Calvin Klein); black tights (Hue); red flats (payless)

And my favorite of the three looks.  This is my cowl neck stripe top worn with sailor cut jeans  and black and white spectator peeptoes.

I went thrifting with my best friend in this and I just felt really comfortable.  I think I'll do this one again, which is rare for me. Usually I just wear things once and no matter how much I love them I just can't stand to look at them again. Maybe it's because I have so many pictures to remind me.

Outfit details: black and white cowl neck top (thrifted); wide leg jeans (style and co); spectator peeptoes (steve madden).


  1. Did you have to bribe your husband to get those purple walls?

  2. oh my! I love, love all your stripes!! Particularly the first dress matching the shoes! I find it's always good to have a pair of red flats on hand to add a little colour.

    Loving the new layout, too!