Monday, November 2, 2009

This old house. Part 2

Some months ago, I posted about the renovations I've been making on the house I bought last December. I can't believe it's almost a year already! We've done so much yet have so much more to go.

Sometimes I get down and feel like we aren't making enough progress or that I'll be living in a house with quite a few eye sores forever. So I went through some old pictures from when we first started out last year and it really blew me away how much progress we really have gotten done. Especially since everything was done with our own two very amateurish hands. (with a little help from our friends).

So today I thought I'd share the work we've done on out dining room. You can find the report on the living room here.

We have little need for a formal dining room. There's just the two of us and we rarely have dinner parties. We like to eat in front of the tv. Perhaps not classy but true nonetheless. So we decided to make it more of a bar for friends to hang out in and where we could curl up to watch movies or play wii.

Here's the before.

Nasty. We had to tear out the carpet and scrape off several layers of paint and wallpaper. Looking back at this, I can't believe we bought this mess!

This sofa was left behind and I really fell in love with it. There's a matching chair but in poor condition so we have it in the computer room for now. No, I'm not sitting in it as I type. You may recognize it from blog posts.

This mantle area has appeared on posts before too. The fireplace was already sealed over so we just painted it and blocked it. Kinda yucky but it's livable. We don't have a coffee table in here so it's nice to have a little table to stack magazines or to sit your drink.

Speaking of which, here is the little built in cabinet used for barware and a 1950s cabinet that houses the liquor and extra glasses, etc. I just got this piece. The flower prints to the right are from the 60s. Just assume most things in the room are vintage. Ha Ha.

Mid century light fixture. I love bendy wood. I would like to get a floor lamp in here too. The light is on a dimmer for ambiance but we could use some brightness sometimes too.

Dinette set in the corner. Rarely used but adorable.

These are framed prints we bought along on the Seine during trips to Paris. They are alcohol advertisements and are hung above the sofa.

Not shown: Video game consoles and flat screen tv hung on wall opposite sofa. We still have a little patching to do from when we couldn't determine how high the tv should be. So no photo.


  1. Oh my goodness! your house is so lovely and special, and i adore your sofa, it is beautiful.
    Miss Erinna

  2. Ah I want your table & chairs! They save a lot of space.

  3. me gusta mucho! I wish I could see it in person. I am very proud of you you have done alot!

  4. Wow! this must be so much work! but so gratifying! what a great project! your table is too cute!

  5. oh how lovely! especially your lounge!! You must be so proud of the work you've done, I would be too scared to even buy a place which needed work let alone do a renovation!