Monday, August 17, 2009

Can't Stop Won't Stop......Shopping

I really didn't think I bought very much clothing but I am several posts behind in showing off new purchases. Perhaps I'm buying more than usual in order to h ave something to say on days when I'm too brain dead or in too much pain (car accident residue)to post anything even a little interesting. Coupled with finding great bargains in the vintage store where I work and various other shops and yard sales... Maybe when all the flea markets around here go into hibernation for the weekend, I'll be able to rein it all in. A small part of it is also that since I've moved into his house that I'm renovating, I don't exactly have a closet and I haven't exactly unpacked, so my outfits are composed from scraps here and there. The solution being that on the weekends I buy what I'll wear the next weekend. Only I guess I'm buying too much. But i assure you it's all very cheap.

I still get so excited when I find a vintage dress that's not in a vintage store. I thought it would be too big but it actually fits quite well.

A close up on the neat black buttons and cutesy pattern.

I found this tea length dress at a yard sale. Even though I'm normally drawn to things with more color or pattern, this dress is the perfect backdrop to experiment with accessories.

A close up of the eyelet detail.

This empire waist dress is another vintage find. It's very tangerine but I'm hoping to rein it in with grey.

A close up to show the color detail on the trim. Lovely bell sleeves!

I bought this off the junior rack in a department store. Grey being my favorite color and any color being paired with grey.

...and a close up of the darling flower shaped buttons that really make it special.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I need to get around to wearing more of these clothes so I can dress them up. I've been trying to slip in more daily wear posts, even the more boring ones. I never know what someone might want to look at, it's just me, ya know?

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  1. I love all those pieces; especially the red one and the yellow one. I think slips are wonderful...people should wear them more. :)