Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mid Century etsy finds

I did a search of vintage furniture on etsy with "Mid Century" and these are just a few of the super cool things I found. Mid century/Modern/Danish whatevers are my favorite and I often look to etsy for fantasy shopping. If you've seen the posts of my house, then you'll know I do have a small but much loved collection of vintage and retro decor.

I have a really tiny bathroom but I might be able to fit something like this. I think it's supposed to be for magazines and maybe put your drink and an ashtray on top but I'd love it as a towel and toiletry stand. Photo: Good Vintage

This is Florence Knoll Credenza. This would be perfect in so many capacities. Entertainment center, additional clothing storage, buffet table, or my personal fave, home bar. Bottles get tucked neatly inside while the top provides a display area for vintage cocktail shakers and glasses. Photo: Swankarama

Probably best served as dining chairs, I really want to but these in my living room because I love vibrant colors there. This is a beautiful duo; I usually only see these sold singly. Photo: Rhan

Mushroom lamp! This would look lovely atop that credenza. I could put this in any room of my house and feel good about it. Photo:fabulousmess

I love shiny varnished wood and I never thought I would. Getting into 60s pieces made me disdain wood for plastic for years but now I'm learning to appreciate the lovely simplicity of pieces like this. I want to put this chair next to a little side table for visitors to enjoy. Photo:Reclaim the Throne

Please visit these etsy sites and fill your homes with these lovely items. And I would love to hear about your finds!


  1. oh wow you really did find some fantastic items!
    And in response to what you commented on my blog: DO come to Montreal! Whenever you get the chance! But for your sake, come in Summer or Fall....Winter here is dreadful!