Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Outfit Delight

Yeah, part whatever in a never ending(I can't stop shopping) series. Buying stuff just encourages buying more stuff because I have these things and nothing to wear them with!

What it is: super cute mod style dress with contrast piping and buttons. This dress pretty much sums up what I'd like to wear forever if I was a cartoon character.

What I'd wear it with: black and white ballet flats to coordinate and then for a splash of color, a bright enamel cuff bracelet.

What it is: a lovely vintage diaphanous pink dress

What I'd wear with it: a short sleeved velvet jacket and velvet and gold T-strap heels. Supremely glamorous in a 40's starlet kind of way.

What it is: a green and white vintage suit comprised of skirt and vest.

What I'd wear with it: a short sleeved ivory blouse and green suede moccasins.

What it is: A vintage nautical dress

What I'd wear with it: a pair of navy sling back wedge sandals and keeping with the theme, a cotton and rope satchel purse.

Stick with me folks. I've got many posts planned but some require research or just additional time in general.

I'm even going to try to pay attention to spring trends. Whether I follow them or not is a different story.

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