Monday, February 15, 2010

Hair inspiration

A couple of weekends ago when we were all under two feet, at least, of snow, I killed some time by watching a really cool movie. It's called Paris, Texas and if you haven't seen it please do. But I warn you: it's a slow burn.

I found this girl so beautiful and intriguing.

I loved her pale skin with bright pink lips. I loved her pink fuzzy (backless!) sweater. And I really love that blonde bob with the slight wave. I was captivated.

And then I remember seeing an article in Lucky about girls faking a bob on the Spring runways which made sense because I feel like I saw some bloggers doing that recently.

And then I remembered how I tried pinning my hair underneath last spring to fake a bob.

It looks pretty short here. This was during my flapper posts. I really loved the makeup. I even had those bright pink lips (ha!).

So then I just gave in and cut my hair off. Six inches.

It's a little longer than the girl in the film. I have a round face and can't have hair stop right at my chin. And I didn't intentionally wear that bright pink lipstick. I guess it's something I keep being drawn to?

So how do you decided when to change your hair? Celebrity trends? Online inspiration? Cabin fever?

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