Monday, February 22, 2010

Style Inspiration: 70's career wear

A while back I found a vintage green and white suit comprised of a skirt and vest. At first I considered doing a Bonnie and Clyde take on it, in honor of one of my favorite bloggers at Sally Jane Vintage. You probably already know her, but if not go read her blog right now. She has perfect style with pencil skirts and berets, and beautiful sunset hair.

But in the end I decided to go with a more literal translation of the suit.

I always style the button up in a a similar way, librarian chic. The brown pattern on the top lends itself to wearing brown tights and my brown Holly Hobby style chunky maryjanes.

I took these pictures in the little vintage shop again. The owner is working on a website so hopefully soon I can share more of my little life with you.

I know I haven't been posting outfits as much but I think it's just not very fun for me. I don't photograph well and I really want to put more focus on other people in this blog. I still need to get my profiles of redhead together. And I'm also thinking of doing a henna dye to brighten my hair up. What do you think?

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