Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wardrobe Round Up

I haven't been posting many of my "daily" outfits because I want to take some of the focus off of myself in this blog. But this blog is in part about style, particularly in clothing so I do feel I should post some of what I wear. These were taken on three separate days in February and are kind of all over the place in terms of style. I'm trying to find patterns in the things I wear but the only thing these have in common is there are no pants!

In order that I wore them.......

This is the most formal of the three. I wore it to the Theater to see a local production of Sam Shepard's Buried Child.

I was going for a kind of posh thrift store lady look. I guess I accomplished it because I got a lot of compliments that day. I'm wearing a vintage pink dress that's really light and airy with pale dove grey tights, an aqua and gold brocade jacket and gold maryjanes.

And just a face shot that sort of shows my makeup. I was still rocking the bright pink lips.

This is my sassy little french girl look. I didn't do anything in particular on that day. Just went to a diner for breakfast and did some vintage shopping later. Spent most of the day on some early Spring cleaning. Still loads more to do on that front.

I'm wearing a plain white t-shirt with a red and whit stripe skirt and black tights. I love the little pockets and the way the skirt flares out. My favorite of the three outfits in this post.

The only picture where my shoes came out. My standby red flats with the little white buckle! This is my bedroom by the way. You don't get to see it much on this blog.

This is the sexiest outfit! I had to work at the vintage shop that day. I intended to go out afterward and see some bands play but I've been so extremely sleep deprived and stressed about some stuff that I just couldn't make it. I don't like to dress sexy anyway.

The shop cat was very curious about what I was doing! I usually wear a lot of bright colors and patterns and with this outfit I was trying to focus more on the shape of things and the structure. So I used a simple palette of red, white, and black. I wore this with a structured tuxedo style jacket, black, with satin lapels. It didn't make it into any pictures.

And a close up of my peep toe spectator heels. Adorable but very uncomfortable.

So anything in common? Nothing really across all three but some common threads seem to be: dresses, maryjane heels, red, and black tights. I guess I can live with that.

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