Sunday, February 7, 2010

what not to wear

First in a series as I continue making many many mistakes in dressing myself.

As was pointed out to me recently, I'm not fat. It had been one of those days (weeks) and yes I did need that pointed out to me. So yes while my weight is within the normal healthy range, it doesn't mean that my clothes fit the same way they did when I was 21 (or even 25). And I do what I can to be healthy but genetics do have a say in things and as it stands I'm what they like to call pear shaped.

This means that my hips/thighs are disproportionately larger than my waist/chest. So getting dressed/buying clothes can be a struggle. Just because something is cute, doesn't mean that it is cute on me.

So, if you are bottom heavy like me..

Rule #1: Don't wear shirts that draw attention to your lower half. Shirts are supposed to be the friend of the small on top girl. Layer wisely.

This outfit doesn't work because my shirt ends right where my thighs are largest. It is ruffled and patterned and draws the eye right where I don't want it. Especially since I have a cardigan covering the rest of it. It also doesn't help that I'm wearing skinny pants that emphasize the difference between my thighs and my ankles.

outfit details: grey skinny pants (urban outfitters), ruffle bottom shirt (american rag); tangerine cardigan(H&M), silver flats (payless, of course)


  1. Lovely post! I am also pear shaped and quite short so yes I understand the hassle it is to find a cute yet flattering outfit, great tips!


  2. This is going to sound so random for this post of yours but, I love all of your couches in your house:)