Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bon Voyage!

I'm leaving tomorrow for a two week mini tour of Europe. I'll be visiting London, Amsterdam, and Paris. I hope to take many pictures. sorry there hasn't been much activity here lately but between being ill and preparing for this trip, I just having been taking any pictures or doing much else...

But I thought that while I'm here saying goodbye, i could share my packing tips. I have a history of being an obscene over-packer. Historically, I have taken about three times what I needed on any trip from one night at a friend's to a week in some foreign destination. Somewhere a long the way, I totally changed and now I take as little as reasonably possible.

So for two weeks I have just one tiny vintage suitcase with a carry on messenger bag/purse. And that is it!

So how do I do it?

Step one: Choose a color palette to ensure that everything matches, or nearly matches, everything else. This way you can create several outfits with just a few pieces. Try to limit colors and patterns. Feel free to go wild on accessories to liven things up a bit. The hardest part--you only gettwo pairs of shoes, one heels, one flats. Wear the flats on the plane.

These are my wrinkly clothes on my messy bed. I've chosen a color palette of grey (in its various forms), pink, and cream/off-white. I threw in a little mint green and denim to spice things up. Yes, i consider denim a color. I have another outfit not pictured as I will be wearing it on the flight. It all pretty much matches.

Step 2: Get a tiny suitcase. The bigger your case the more tempted you will be to fill it up.

This case is TINY. It's about 16 inches across and five inches tall.

Step3: Roll your clothes up tight and begin layering until case is full.

first layer...

second layer...

I actually managed to get two more layers after this of undergarments, socks, and two towels(hostels, just in case).

Step 4: Press very hard and get it all closed up. This step may be the most strenuous and time consuming but it can be done.

Step 5: Pack up a giant purse for everything else. Make sure you have passport, ID, credit/bank cards, confirmation papers, etc. Take along something to read on long layovers and overnight flights. a small "going out" purse can fit in here along with accessories, toiletries, and that extra pair of shoes.

That's it! Bon voyage!


  1. wow! you make it look so easy!

  2. are you going through Ef college break? just wondering...

    have fun!!

    xoxo anna

  3. OMG round suitcase! So unique!

  4. Have a fun trip!! I love the shape of that suitcase! <3

    xox, mavi

  5. i supposed i discovered your little bloggy a little late since i'm commenting on something from a few weeks back, but boy oh boy this just made me so happy ! that little suitcase is so cute and looks like it must be filled with the prettiest clothes! i did three weeks in Europe last fall - paris, nancy, nice, monaco and barcelona - and boy do i miss it! i bet you'r eback now and had the time of your life! hope you do post pics about it! xo