Monday, August 3, 2009

Elements- part one

As I've mentioned here before, I work part time at a vintage clothing/decor shop in my neighborhood. It's where I get most of my vintage clothing/ accessories and my house is mostly furnished/decorated with things I got in the shop. Since I mention it so much I thought I'd post some pics so you can get an idea of how i spend a few hours of my life.

There is quite an abundance of kitchenwares: here is a sampling. Of course, the stock is almost completely different since I took these pictures last month. And that is part of what makes these places so fun.

Here's a good overall view of one of the rooms. The store takes up two floors, as big as a house, really. Everything is all thrown about here and there so you have to take your time and look at everything.

Here's a little corner near the front windows. This shop always has cute vintage furniture, in still quite good quality, at very cheap. Which is why I shopped here many many times before I worked here.

Really a bit of everything; including old makeup and beauty tools. Disclaimer:Yes of course I work here but the store hasn't even a website so there's no way I'm profiting from you looking at these pics. I guess I just like showing off the happy parts of my life.

An old sewing machine and vintage patterns/linens. If you're a clever girl (or boy...) you'll have noticed I haven't shown any clothing pics. Well, of course, i need you coming back for more...

Well, here's a peak at some baby clothes! They do seem to distract attention from the rows of barware. Stay tuned kiddos, the clothing pics will be posted soon enough. And do be a dear and forgive this lazy post. We can't all be stars!

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  1. I'm glad they have an abundance of kitchenwares and not an ambulance of kitchenwares. I can just imagine this group of pots, pans, and teacups flying through the air in a V-formation....

    But I digress. What a neat little place you work at! I want to check it out sometime when you're working there. ^_^