Saturday, August 8, 2009

Daily Wear: The Happy Hour

Oh my, something I wore not on the weekend! I met a friend ( a boss? a friend?) for happy hour at a new place that just opened up. It's going to be a mexican cantina once the kitchen's open but for right now it's just a bar. I had met the owner briefly when he bought some vintage chairs for the place and he told me to come check it out. Well it took me a few weeks longer than I had promised him but he probably didn't remember meeting me anyway. They have mexican beer and south american wines and delightful signature cocktails. But for me, your margarita can make or break you. They were running a special on their house margarita so of course I tried it and it was....perfection. They use all fresh everything so it didn't taste like a sugary mess and I was sitting at the bar next to mint leaves, cinnamon, chili peppers. Truly a feast for the senses!

The best part was I recognized one of the bartenders from someplace else she worked at that i used to visit quite frequently. Well, I guess I visited everywhere more frequently before my best friend got all puffed up full of baby (she's due in 3 weeks! Hurry up, Claire, we all want to meet you!)It was fun have some girl fun. I think I put more care into my clothes when it's for a girl date than a boy date. Then her fiancee stopped by and then my husband stopped by and the last thing I remember was stumbling home on foot with hubby and eating fast food. Normally yucky, but this time it was the best sandwich I ever ate. Well, you know.

I'm wearing a vintage skirt with a grey t-shirt, purple tights, and silver flats. And my brightest bright-red lipstick!

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