Sunday, August 2, 2009

Daily Wear: Wrong Side of the Tracks

I had another kind of Blah weekend and I guess it's my own fault. I'm usually pretty crabby during the week because of stuff at work but I try to make my personal time relaxing and special. But lately that week day crabbiness has been slipping into my 'real' life and I shouldn't let it affect me so.

Saturday morning I got up early and went to a million flea markets and yard sales and bought a couple things but nothing super special. and of course it kept threatening rain all weekend, always drizzling, blah londonseattlePITTSBURGH weather. And it seemed like the whole weekend was a pointless low volume struggle. Plans were made and canceled. Unexpected guests pop by when the sink is full of dishes. And the simplest of chores, installing a bedroom door, took forever and ever. Not to mention that my washing machine broke and I spent 5 hours Friday night at a friends and her dryer didn't work quite right and in the end I had to leave in the dark with my wet clothes still spinning around fruitlessly.

So yesterday, I hopped on my bike again and tried to pedal away my frustrations and luckily it didn't start to rain.

But then I only took a few pictures and before I could really set up a shot of myself, my camera's battery died. So I just have a few poor test shots. I took by bike down by the river again, this time exploring the train tracks and old industrial buildings.

I can't quite figure out if these buildings are still in use. It's such a quiet neighborhood and they're everywhere. But they have no trespassing signs and don't look too poorly looked after. I think a couple have been converted to lofts or studios or whatever it is they do in New York.

I tried not to go anywhere that really looked unwelcoming to curiosity seekers, but I can't imagine that it is too legal to play on train tracks and surrounding environs. I really love trains. I've always have. And I've never even been on one. Maybe it's the vagabond/ beatnik in me, that seeks escape and adventure. I find the sound of a train to be one of the most relaxing.

I returned home sweating and filthy. And so at peace. I'm imaginary planning a pretend trip, by rail, through Eastern Europe. My fake stops include Croatia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine. Someday...

Outfit details: Pink floral sundress; pink heels


  1. These shots are lovely, I love your pink dress. They may have only been test shots with the train, but they look really good! I'm glad your weekend ended feeling better than it began. Your imaginary train trip sounds perfect.

    And, thank you for commenting on my blog!

  2. I think you would love Romania!
    Great dress