Friday, August 21, 2009

Daily Wear: Heat Wave

So this is a weekend outfit. I took the plainest thing I own, a tea length white eyelet dress and added just a couple of tiny flourishes. You can do so much with this dress really but I liked keeping it simple. It was perfect for the current heat wave and I had a great Saturday that seemed really full and busy but somehow at a comfortable pace.

Husband and I went to our favorite brunch place of course and to a little local flea market ( I think I have some pics on that for another post, give me a sec). We ended up going shopping and I ended up getting nothing at all! The trip was really about getting husband some new shoes but he ended up with everything but. Then we went back to our little neighborhood cantina, where we always seem to be heading back to. This dress was so airy and comfortable and perfect to wear while sipping the most refreshing mojitos on earth.

I paired the dress with my navy blue polka dotted flats and a few of the handmade buttons I picked up at the flea market.

My flair...

I haven't been posting much as of late due in large part to the heat wave. I've officially have heat exhaustion and have been too nauseated and dizzy and head achey to do much more than feel like crap. But I'll be leaving on my vacation soon! So I better get well right now!


  1. wow! I love your flair! beautiful dress. I like it with the ballet flats

  2. ah you look stunning in white :) Love the badges!

  3. Those pins are cute...I've been wanting to get some. The dress is lovely.
    xx. mavi

  4. You look gorgeous! That is such a pretty dress and it goes perfectly with your coloring. Oh, love those buttons too! :)