Sunday, August 16, 2009

Daily Wear: Lazing About the House

I don't tend to make very frequent posts or at least frequent posts of a personal nature mostly because my life isn't that exciting and i don't have much to post about. My clothing isn't very interesting for my main job, because it isn't allowed and when i do get dressed up and go out I'm too busy living to take pictures. So when I post it's just me standing in my living room looking awkward and wishing i had something to do or say. I don't even know how to pose. And while I do wear lots of vintage dresses in my real life away from the internet, I often just throw any old thing on and laze about the house. So in the spirit of full disclosure this is me on a boring old Saturday afternoon. I'm dressed so fall like because this was the one sorta chilly day we've had in months so I was able to put away the pink sundresses and full out the brown trousers.

Being lazy on the sofa, not knowing how to pose....

Getting excited about showing off my morrissey t shirt...

Faking a nap......because I do so many self conscious leg shots?

My clothes were so comfy I could have napped for real in them. So what do you do for casual comfort?


  1. Yay! for Morrissey shirts! yay!

  2. came across this by mistake, and it's so very nice!! :)

  3. This is really very beautiful.