Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Redhead Tribute: Laura Prepon

I didn't want to leave you hanging too long while I work on posts that are going to take some time. So I thought today would be the perfect day to launch my long promised tribute to red heads. I've been a red head my whole life (well except for a few unfortunate teenage years when I died in purple or black). It's taken me a really long time to learn to love and accept being, what they call, a "ginger".

I got picked on mercilessly growing up for being different. I guess I don't quite fit in in other ways too but this was immediately noticeable.....from across the room! But now I love having something special about me. As an adult I can see the value of having a "rare" look. I no longer feel it makes me ugly, but instead exotic! Well at least here. Some countries I could probably just blend right in.

Enough about me! I decided to do my first redhead post on Laura Prepon because I mentioned her very early on in this blog when I was obsessed with high waisted 70s jeans. I also have a soft spot for That 70s Show. While not my favorite era of vintage, it's cute and funny. And I when I die heaven will look like the Foreman house!

This is a promo pic for the show so she's in character but still kinda not. She just has such a natural clean look. They often downplayed her beauty on the show but she really shines here.

In character again but in a more tomboy way. still lovely of course!

And here is where we get Laura and not Donna. Absolutely goddess worthy. Stunning!

And here she is sexed up during that lad mag phase before she went blonde (Boooooo!!!!)

Unreal. This is her at her most "made up". This is what I want to roll out of bed looking like.

Who's your favorite redhead? I don't have one! But I'd still like to know yours...


  1. I adore That 70s Show, it was my favourite tv show a couple of years ago and I spent many an afternoon watching box sets when I was meant to be doing uni work!

    She is so gorgeous!

  2. I adore redheads. I think that they are very boss, to borrow a nice eighties phrase. You are my favorite one but I am very partial of Anne Shirley as my favorite fictional redhead, and Lucille Ball in I love lucy as my favorite vintage redhead. But I always thought hanging out with you and heather as the redheads in grad school was the coolest.

  3. She is stunning! That 70's Show was always on at my house. Great blog x