Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daily Wear: Down By the River

I usually feel pressure to have an eventful weekend, to DO SOMETHING, in order to make up for my dull work a day world. But this past weekend I just felt kinda bored and boring and couldn't think of anything that I could get excited about doing. Coupled with some of the no-money blues, where theoretically I couldn't afford to do whatever it might be i could think of doing.

And yet, I was quite busy somehow. I posted on this blog of course. And I spent all of Sunday (and I mean ALL of Sunday) trying to help husband work on the kitchen, finishing up some of our endless list of home renovations. And although that was quite a lot of work (for somewhat limited results) it was very fulfilling. I liked spending time with husband doing something that was important to both of us. And I take such bashful pride in the ways we've made this poor dilapidated house a real home, and a cute one at that!

Luckily on Saturday, we did sneak out for a little bit. With our limited funds we went to out local bakery that reminds us of Paris, and got coffee and lovely, lush danishes, utterly gourmet, delectable European, rich not overly sweet---just heavenly. And then we drove to a discount bookstore chain (partly second hand resale, partly publisher new old-stock) and got some books to read. We stayed in bed for most of the day reading our respective books. From time to time we attempted to take a walk but every time it would start to pour as soon as we peeked our heads out, like magic, telling us to go back inside and enjoy some actual relaxation.

At some point, as evening came on, husband took a short nap on our dining room sofa (yes I know! so avante garde-ha ha). So I took that opportunity to slip outside, in the brief calm between storms and road my bike down to the river, a few short blocks away...and took some pictures!

Here I am with my vintage Dutch bike, which partly influenced my decision to visit Amsterdam. She has malfunctioning breaks and gears. I call her Mabel. I'm the only colorful thing in this gloomy post industrial town. Blue bike. Pink purse. Green dress. Gray everything else!

I'm standing on a little ledge above the river, looking a bit wistful in the gloom. It started raining as soon as I got back home.

The bridge connecting the north to the east. Overcast. Grimy. I think it's nice to appreciate what you have sometimes.

And before I forget, the details in case you care: The dress is vintage and I posted a pic of it earlier. It's the one that has a matching jacket. I think it's more flattering to my figure without the extra bulk. I'm hoping to find another way to wear the jacket. Pink purse also vintage. 1940s style fall-down stockings. Ivory wedding shoes again. I may have only been able to wear the dress once but I get lots of use from the shoes.

Check back in a couple days as I have some new dresses, of course, again, that I want to post pics of.


  1. I like putting pink and green together, especially kelly green and light pink. I love the dress! ^_^

  2. Beautiful dress, love how you are wearing the socks!


  3. What a beautiful post! I love your dress and the entire outfit actually.

  4. I liked that you wore your tights with it..I would do that. Its always great to go on a mini vacation right in your own city. Especially with nonexistant fund for fun...like our budget. That's great about the kitchen.

  5. How sweet is your green dress! You look lovely.