Friday, July 24, 2009

How I styled it: Faeries!

When thinking about how I would make faerie style appropriate for real life, all I could think of was what i couldn't do. I couldn't be nude or wear clothing so sheer I might as well be nude. I couldn't be bare foot. I couldn't have wings, reality hey! I couldn't get too precious with sparkles and beads. I could do nothing that screamed Faerie. So how am I so supposed to adapt this influence. So what it came down to was being all about the makeup. So of course that means it's more of an evening look because for day, sigh, just too many stares.

A close-up on the eyes...

To get ethereal effect, i applied a bright yellow eyeshadow over the lid and up into the crease. They I used the blue in the outer half of the lid, creating the green hue. Then more blue under the eye as a sort of liner but really smudgey.

The full face...

Instead of blush I used a golden apricot highlighting cream all over my cheek bone and temple. The shimmer effect didn't exactly photograph so please doll, use your imagination. On the lips i used a plum lip stain with a berry gloss on top.

Makeup used:
Eyeshadows: Mac Style Warrior eyeshadow in Bright Future and Mac Rose Romance pigment in Mutiny.

Cheeks and lips: benefit's Moon Beam highlighter, Mac Rose Romance Lipstain in Tender Tryst, and Lancome Juicy Tubes jelly in Berry Bold

And then I did this:

Not part of the actual imitation, at all, but I cut about three inches off my hair somewhere in this process.

And...without further ado....

This is how i styled it:

I put a few little braids in what was left of my hair. And I have a really pretty satiny pink dress with asymmetrical ruffles. I couldn't get any good pictures. It was raining, I was my own photographer, and I was sick. So I'm standing in some very overgrown weeds, looking shy and slouchy. But somehow my feet made it all worthwhile...

I love the combination of mint green toes with pink sandals. This is the first time I've ever allowed my feet to be photographed. I guess I'm just exposing all my insecurities on here. I hope I don't get a rash from those weeds.


  1. I need to start doing nicer eyemakeup! Yours is so pretty :)

  2. See, I wish I was confident like you in wearing colored eyeshadow. I usually always wear neutrals for the following reasons:

    -I'm always so rushed to get ready that I need makeup readily available that I'm used to using and goes with everything
    -I'm scared to go with anything blue-ish, for fear of being too 80' (and besides, blue doesn't look good with my skin and eye color)
    -I'm also scared of going with anything too reddish or pinkish, with the exception of really pale champagne shades

    And so forth. I don't know. I just get too concerned that I'll look too coordinated, or too out there. It's different when it's a model appearing on a photoshoot. xD

    But I do have some shades that I love aside from my norms: Drama by Bare Escentuals, which is a plummy brown with flecks of gold and it's the only dark eyeshadow I will wear; Pink Sugar by Too Faced, which is a shimmery cotton candy pink, but since it's a cool pink and not a warm pink, it looks fine; a few others I can't think of the name of off-hand.

    But yeah. You have your eyeshadow done so well. xD Maybe it's because you have brown eyes and I have green eyes, or something. :P